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Fitvate – Gym Workout Trainer Fitness Coach Plans v7.4 (Unlocked) Apk

Fitvate – Home & Gym Bodybuilding Trainer, is an easy to use home bodybuilding and workout planning app.
The perfect app for personal trainers, to start your bodybuilding journey or to improve your fitness! Lots of free training plans, workout programs and detailed video explanations of video workouts so you can perfectly complement your indoor and home workouts according to your schedule and schedule.


Fitvate now supports home training as well. We have added many home workout exercises that don’t require any equipment. There are many new home training, stretching and warm-up programs available.

★ features:

– Works offline.
– Home training designed for everyone.
– Have your personal trainer at home.
– No equipment required for home training.
– Stretching and warming up routines are also available.
– Workout routines for beginners, intermediates and professionals designed by experts
– Over 300 exercises accompanied by offline HD videos in our app
– Possibility to create your own personalized training programs
– A list of the most effective workouts for each muscle group
– Easily search for workouts using the search function
– Text instructions with images and video for each exercise
– Receive regular advice on health, diet, training and strength training, dietary supplements, fitness, exercise and more.
– Workout anytime, anywhere.

★ Multiple Strength Exercises

💪 Chest
+ Biceps
+ Shoulders
+ Legs
+ Triceps
+ Back
+ Abdominal, that is, six packs.
+ Forearm
+ Traps
+ Calf
+ Cardio

★ Home training plans

💪 Full body workout
+ Upper body workout
+ Lower body workout
+ Abs workout
+ Arm training
+ Chest training
+ Leg training

★ Quick stretch plans

💪 Full body stretches
+ Upper body stretches
+ Lower body stretches
+ Morning warm-up stretch
+ Stretching while sleeping

★ Challenges

💪 100 Pump Challenges
+ 50 Traction Challenges
+ 300 Squat challenges
+ 300 Sit-Ups Challenges… ..

★ Gym training plans

Bodybuilding plans
💪 Full body training only with dumbbells
+ Powerful muscle training
+ Training for beginners
+ Workout routine for chest and back
… ..

Fat loss plans

💪 Complete fat destruction program
+ Fat burner training program
+ Exploitation of body fat
… ..

Mass gain plans
💪 Maximum mass training
+ Upper / lower mass gain program
+ Mass construction program

Powerlifting plans
💪 Quick workout plan for beginners
+ Complete strength training

Muscle building plans
💪 Training for beginners in strength and volume
+ Maximum strength training

We hope you will like it !

Dear customers, we are here for you!
For help and support: support@fitvate.com

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


– Premium function unlocked.
– Activity and code related to deleted / disabled ads.
– Visibility of layouts related to ads disappeared.
– Analytics / Crashlytics deleted / disabled.
– Receivers and services deleted / deactivated.
– Game services, transport, Firebase properties removed.
– All unnecessary folders and files have been deleted.
– Optimized PNG Save at 98 Kb.
– Optimized JPG Save at 41 Kb.
– Re-Compressed Classes.dex and library.
– Optimized graphics / Zipalign.
– Apk total size 76.3 Mb.
– Annotation code deleted.
– Debug information removed.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

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