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Flex: Multi-Speed Auto Scroll v1.2.1 (Mod) APK

✪ Pro Features Unlocked

Are you tired of scrolling through your social media feeds, blog posts, web pages and eBooks with your thumb? What if you could auto-scroll with the simple click of a button?

Flex Scroll MOD APK will add a floating widget on the screen with buttons for automatic scrolling: continuous scroll down/scroll up page down/page up and page right/page left. It also adds a slider in the margin, allowing you to conveniently adjust the auto-scroll speed while scrolling.

What’s more, Flex Scroll provides two buttons, each for continuous scrolling down and up: normal speed and slow speed. Adjust these speeds to your liking, then switch between faster browsing speeds and slower reading speeds with the touch of a button! (Professional Edition)

Flex Scroll MOD APK is ad-free.

Features of Flex Scroll MOD APK:
– Conveniently adjust auto-scroll speed with the on-screen slider
– The currently selected scrolling speed will be displayed in the blank space
– Option to have the speed selection slider disappear after a few seconds
– Easily toggle between faster browsing and slower reading with a dedicated button (Pro version)
– Jump to the top of the page with one click
– Press the button to scroll the whole page
– Easily adjust the page size for each app individually using the on-screen sliders
– Repeat timer to start/stop page scrolling on button press
– Conveniently adjust page scrolling timeout using the on-screen slider
– Select the apps you want the auto-scroll widget to appear in

Flex Scroll uses accessibility services.
The app requires the Accessibility Services permission to scroll the screen.
The app will be able to perform gestures to automatically scroll the screen through a series of simulated gestures.
Accessibility Services do not collect any data.

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