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Focus To-Do: Pomodoro & Tasks v13.1 (Mod) APK

◉ Premium Features Unlocked

Focus To-Do MOD APK combines the Pomodoro timer with a task manager. The application is based on a scientific method and it helps motivate you to complete the tasks you have to do.

The application combines the Pomodoro method and a task planner: you can create and organize a to-do list and carry out your different work or study projects during sessions during which you dedicate your time only to yourself concentrate on carrying out these tasks.

Schedule reminders for your important tasks and assignments and take a look at how much time you spent completing them.

Focus To-Do is the go-to app for managing your tasks, reminders, calendar, and even saving your shopping list.

Here is how the Pomodoro method works:

– .You choose a task that you have to accomplish
– .You plan a 25-minute session during which you will be focused and you start working
– .When the Pomodoro timer rings, give yourself a 5 minute break

Main Features :

– The Pomodoro timer: stay focused and allow yourself to do even more things.
Stop and resume your Pomodoro whenever you want;
Define yourself the duration of your Pomodoro session and that of your breaks;
Choose your end of Pomodoro notification;

– The task manager: organize your tasks, your schedules and your reminders; create habits; and plan your time.
Tasks and projects: organize your day with Focus To-Do and set up sessions for work, study, homework or household chores.
Recurring tasks: Build lasting habits with repeat reminders, such as an automatic reminder for “Every Monday”.
Reminders: Create reminders so you never forget important things again and choose how often they repeat.
Sub-Tasks: Break down your main task into a series of smaller, more affordable tasks and complete your checklist.
Task priority: highlight your priority tasks with color coding.
Estimate the number of Pomodoro needed: estimate your workload or plan goals.
Notes: record notes to get more details about your tasks.

– Reports: statistical details are available to see how you have allocated your time and tasks:

Concentration time diagram
Statistics on completed tasks & project distribution time
Graph showing the tasks performed and the concentration time

– Synchronization on all platforms:

Sync support on iPhone, Mac, Android, Windows, iPad and Apple

– Turn your moments of concentration into a growing small tree

– White list of applications:

Stop being distracted during your Pomodoro sessions with the ability to narrow your list of applications and uses while Pomodoro.

– Various reminders 、 white noise

– Daily, weekly and monthly reports:

Visualize the time spent on your various activities thanks to the calendar view.

– Convenient widget:

Have easy access to your to-do list with the “checklist” widget that you can put on your home screen.

Pomodoro ™ and Pomodoro Technique ® are registered trademarks of Francesco Cirillo. However, the app is not affiliated with Francesco Cirillo.

Users of the app have concentrated over 200 million hours together. Join us and we’ll help you focus, increase your productivity, and reduce your procrastination and anxiety.

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