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Fraction Calculator Plus v5.3.5 (Paid) APK

I’m Fractions Calculator Plus, the easiest and fastest way to solve all fraction problems. To correct your homework, prepare recipes, or work on craft or even construction projects, I can help you:

– Would you like to have time to check your children’s math homework? Now you can do it in seconds.
– Need to adjust the amounts of ingredients in a recipe for a large number of guests? I can calculate the number of glasses or spoons required.
– Are you working on a craft project, a construction or carpentry project, in inches? Stop doing and redoing your calculations on paper, and let me give you the correct answer.

I am elegant and efficient, and I use the beautiful and big screen of your device well:

– I display your calculations in a nice, crisp and clear font that you can read well from a distance.
– My triple onscreen keyboard lets you type quickly! (Inserting three and three-quarters only requires 3 taps!)
– All fraction results are automatically displayed in the simplest possible form, to help you better.
– NEW! All results are also displayed as decimals to make the conversion even easier.
– Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions has never been easier.

Thanks to Fractions Calculator Plus, get a daily helping hand from your phone or tablet.

Fraction Calculator Plus (C) 2019 Digitalchemy, LLC


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