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Freeletics Training Coach – Bodyweight Fitness v7.7.0 (Unlocked) Apk

Europe’s # 1 fitness app lets you train whenever and wherever you want with the best digital personal trainer and without a gym. Whatever your level, achieve your goals quickly and adopt healthy habits with personalized HIIT and audio coaching. Losing weight, building muscle or improving your fitness has never been easier.


🎲  Freeletics stands for freedom. Train without constraints of time, equipment, space, budget or skill. Join our 42 million users who train whenever and wherever they want.
💎 Get results fast with the most advanced digital personal trainer on the market, which continuously incorporates your feedback to build a workout that’s tailored and ideal for you every time. Each program is unique: the training is completely personalized.
🎲 Our holistic approach to fitness and personal development combines HIIT, mindfulness, knowledge and motivation to help you perfect your training and build a solid foundation for positive and lasting change.

The free version of the app contains 22 bodyweight HIITs, 27 exercises, 5 warm-up and cool-down exercises, 20 audio sessions, running, stats, training locations and a community of millions of people . If you’re aiming for long-term success with the help of a personal trainer every step of the way, you can subscribe to Coach Freeletics with a 14-day “money back” guarantee.

What the Freeletics Coach brings you:


🎲 Benefit from your own digital personal trainer, who designs each HIIT based on your experience, goals, fitness level and preferences.
🎀 Travelling ? Short on time or equipment? Without the possibility of running or making noise? No problem. Tell your personal trainer who will tailor your session to your needs.
🎲  Choose from 20 of them in the app, each with a different purpose. And be on the lookout for our limited editions designed by professional athletes.
🎀 Choose your training style. Running, bodyweight HIIT, gym free weights, or a combination of all of these: there is a workout path for you. Exercise will never be boring.
🎲 Progress through thousands of variations of HIIT workouts and over 180 exercises.

The Workout Coach is included in the Workout, Workout & Nutrition and Body & Mental subscriptions.


💎 Add audio coaching to your workout to help strengthen your mind and stay motivated to improve your health and fitness. The ideal complement to your HIIT sessions.
🎲 During sessions of 5 to 20 minutes, learn to develop habits, boost weight loss, relax and improve concentration, training, recovery and sleep. The ideal base to really succeed.
🎀 Topics covered: concentration, stress, sleep, physical fitness, diet and motivation.

The Mental Coach is only included in the Body & Mental Combo.


We offer 8 auto-renewing subscription options:
🎀 Training (3/6/12 months)
🎲 Training & Nutrition (3/6/12 months)
🎀 Body & Mental (3/12 months)

The Nutrition Coach is part of the Freeletics Nutrition app.

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What’s New?

We squashed some bugs. Let us know if you find more. Our developers will fix them faster than you can do an Aphrodite.


⚔ All Workouts Unlocked
🗡 All Exercises Unlocked
⚔ And All Runs Unlocked

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