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Game Booster – Play Faster For Free v1.8 (Pro) APK

Description of the application

Try the new version of the game booster, which will also help you to avoid frequent crashes or errors in your phone or apps and ensure their good functionality.

Here is a list of the most important features:

⏺ Game booster
⏺ Accelerator
⏺ Optimization
⏺ Interesting game modes:
✖️Power play
✖️ Offline play
✖️Long game

In the modern world, it is already difficult to surprise us with a new game or application, because they are all similar or repeatable. But there has always been a problem with the games themselves. Sometimes games can freeze, slow down, load poorly, or not turn on at all. Problems like this happen quite often, whether you have a new gadget or have served for several years. Therefore, when we created this game booster program, we took into account all the common issues with games and added the necessary functions.

Game modes
We have added a new feature to this phone boost app – 3 play modes. The main feature of this function is that you can apply it to absolutely any game. The play modes have been created in order to diversify games, to make them more exciting and fun, because now it’s hard to find completely new and different games. There are up to three play modes: offline play, turn play, and long play. Each game mode has its own characteristics which you will immediately see when you start any of the games. By developing each of these modes, we made sure that playing the same game in different modes would be interesting and not boring. Hence, boost your phone faster, free up memory for new games and test each of the modes on them.

The “Power play” mode allows you to play at maximum power: with WiFI activated, sounds, automatic synchronization, maximum brightness, etc.
The offline mode “is designed for comfortable use of applications even without an Internet connection.
The “Long play” mode, thanks to its parameters, will allow you to play games as long as possible.
Besides, you can make your own unique mode, experiment with the settings as you like. Everything is in our Game Booster app.

An accelerator is needed for each gadget, because it is he who can not only boost, but also help prevent the occurrence of problems and errors of the gadget and games. It is very important to boost apps, because thanks to the accelerator, your phone will run at a good speed, prevent battery overheating and rapid discharge, delays and errors in programs. Remember to optimize the application after speeding up its work, the optimization will fix all errors and maximize the performance of the programs.

▶ ️Download game booster app ◀ ️, boost your games, optimize your apps and it will serve you for a long time.


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