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Gesture Suite v1.0.67 Premium Mod APK

Full control of gestures. Make your device smarter and easier to use.

You can use:

– Custom touch gestures using up to 10 fingers!
– Aerial gestures using a proximity sensor (5 different types)
– Shaking gestures using the accelerometer sensor (short shake and long shake)
– Voice commands
– Task planner (alarm and countdown type)
– App Watcher (triggered by changes to the foreground app)
– Device events (device startup, locked screen, etc.)

to trigger custom tasks of your own to control your device settings or perform several automated actions to save time and energy.

Gesture Suite has over 70 actions you can perform to make it easier for you. Among others, Gesture Suite offers the following features:

– File manager
– Image gallery
-Application launcher
– Task planner
– Awakening
-SMS sender
– Accelerated camera
– Flash light
-Launchpad for frequently used applications
– Screen protector with password
– Application password protector
-Dropbox downloader
– Audio recorder
– Custom search engine tool

and much more 

* Gesture Suite uses a custom gesture recognition algorithm that no other app has. Among its other advantages, it can also distinguish the same shape in different sizes. Example: the small S shape triggers action A while the large S shape triggers action B.

* The app is constantly being improved and new actions / features will be added in the future.

*The app offers full file explorer functionality.

* The app will not monitor or send any kind of data without your knowledge. Confidentiality is the most important.

* To report bugs / issues, please use the “Support” option in the app settings. Do not write them down in Play Store reviews as it is not possible to trace issues this way.


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