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Glimmer (luminous alarm clock) v2.0.32 (Premium) APK

This pleasant wake-up call will gently get you out of bed. He turns the phone on half an hour before the hour with the screen brightness at minimum. Then slowly the brightness increases until you wake up.

— /! \ All the functions of this software can be used in the free version (including of course the gentle wake-up!), But a payment in the application allows you to personalize everything (From 1 € only) – –

Halfway through, it can even play bird sounds at low volume, and if you are still not awake 1 minute past the hour, an alarm sound at full volume will prompt you to respond.

While waking up, the phone can also turn on the internet (but cut off the notification sounds), so that the phone can pick up your emails. So when you wake up, you don’t have to wait for synchronization!

If you sleep in a dark room it really works, and because the phone is on your side, the light does not wake your wife 🙂
Your body actually wakes up whenever it wants, thanks to the light that simulates the sun, and there is a good chance that you will wake up between 2 sleep cycles. Ideal for getting in shape!

A night mode can be started every evening and cuts the sounds, internet… and the day mode puts everything back on in the morning. You will no longer be disturbed at night!

*** IN CASE OF A BUG, ​​SEND A BUG REPORT (menu / bug report). THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP !!***

For those who like the technique, here is the explanation of the requested permissions:

The app opens the camera flash at the end of the alarm to illuminate the room.
To turn on the LED I need to have access to the camera.
Of course, the app doesn’t take any photos …

I save data files in the event of a crash, and you have the choice to send them or not by email

In night mode, the app decreases the screen brightness, turns off the wifi, turns off the sounds, turns off the automatic sync (so as not to receive an email notification in the middle of the night …)

The alarm lasts 30 minutes, the screen must not switch off

When the phone starts up the app activates to set the next alarm.


PREMIUM features Unlocked


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