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GOM Audio Plus v2.4.4.6 (Paid)

GOM Audio Plus Mod APK

GOM Audio Plus is a high quality music player that supports lyrics synchronization while playing music files.
Users can listen to music while viewing the lyrics. Besides, they can play and download popular podcast programs and cloud music from GOM Audio Plus.

life becomes boring when there is no music around us, music is not only a thing, but it is also an art discipline that helps our souls relax. Not only that, but music is also something that helps people connect with each other, party and dance together. Music is a combination of sounds, and those sounds are made up of a different sequence of tones. Combining all together will create complete music, can add some lyrics to the music more vivid and perfect. In the past, for people to be constantly exposed to music anytime, anywhere. They would need recording devices and record entire songs and publish them around the world. But with a modern world like today, just a smartphone with a music player is enough to listen to music anytime, anywhere easily.

[Main Features]

High-quality music player which supports sync lyrics

Currently, on the market are constantly launching music player applications for everyone. To be able to make a difference and attract more users, each application will have interface design and features that are completely different from other applications. One of them is GOM Audio Plus released by GOM & Company, this application allows you to listen, sync lyrics, Podcasts and Streaming for free.

Search and divide intelligently

Like other music applications, its purpose is to help users always stay connected to the world of music, help them always listen to their favourite songs or follow the idols whom they admire. To help people do that, this app will bring them the great features of an advanced music player. People are free to search for their favourite songs, singers, bands with the smart search feature, and can also be used to find other songs by genre. Search results will be displayed in the list, which includes details of the poster, the name of the music, the duration, the number of views for each result. The same thing applies to search by genre. But this will not apply to search results by band or singer, the results appearing will be their home page, which includes information, the entire song and other choices.

– Smart lock screen offers Stay On screen, sync lyrics, fast play and current playlist.
– GOM Audio provides various kinds of widgets allowing users to create their own configuration regarding size, function (Synchronize lyrics / Quick play), color and others.
– Smart lock screen offers various features including Keep screen function, lyrics sync, fast play and current playlist
– Sync Lyrics Viewer allows users to view or search sync lyrics of music currently playing.
– It offers sound quality optimized for the gaming environment and a variety of sound effects, including
the powerful sound of 10 BAND equalizer, reverb and music pitch / speed changer, etc.
– Podcast allows users to live stream and download popular channels.

– My Music allows users to manage their playlist by preference, artist, album and folder.
– GOM Audio allows users to manage various basic playlists. Additionally, users can create their own playlist through Add My Reading List.
– GOM Audio supports DropBox, the Google Drive cloud storage system. GOM Audio also supports WebDAV and FTP.
– Quick play allows users to play or edit music on the widget or on the lock screen without running the app.
– Auto-repeat is useful for both streaming and academic purposes.
– The timer allows users to adjust the automatic shutdown function in units of hour / minute / second.
– My Ringtone allows users to convert a certain song to its ringtone.
– Supports various types of music files (such as MP3, WMA, etc.).

[Gesture function]

– Able to turn on / off lyric sync by long pressing it.
– Able to change screen for sync lyrics viewers by tapping sync lyrics or album art.
-And  Able to play previous / next music by swiping left or right.
– Able to move the location by double-tapping specific lyrics.


※ Please contact GOM Customer Center if you have any problems using GOM Audio.
– https://www.gomlab.com/support/
– gomlab@gomcorp.com


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