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GPS Location Info, SMS Coordinates, Compass + v2.7 (Premium) APK

GPS location information shows your current location, date and time to the second with a scrolling map. You can copy your contact details and locate anything you can find on the map with precise crosshairs.

Got a telescope that needs your coordinates and the current time? Need to know the coordinates of your hunting stand? Going for a hike and need to find your latitude / longitude? Want to scroll around the world and see where your favorite landmarks are? GPS location information is what you need.

After launching, the map automatically centers on your location. Elevation is shown in feet and meters. The time on your phone is displayed in Greenwich Mean Time (aka Zulu Time). To recenter the map on your location, just press the crosshair button.

Drop pins and save them wherever you want for quick access.

Besides the standard card types, you can try other types like Dark, Night Retro, etc.

* The coordinates of the center of the map are displayed in the following formats:

– Dec Degs (DD.dddddd˚)
– Dec Degs Micro (DD.dddddd “N, S, E, W”)
– Dec minutes (DDMM.mmmm)
– Degree min secs (DD ° MM’SS.sss “)
– Dec Mins Secs (DDMMSS.sss “)
– UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator)
– MGRS (Military Grid Reference System)

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