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GPS Map Stamp v1.5.6 (Modded) APK

Easily add your location on camera or gallery photos with date timestamp and personalized address stamps on photo! With this geolocation app, rejoice in those memories again by adding the date and time on the photo, including longitudes and latitudes, address stamps, local temperature and more!

This GPS Stamp Camera app will help you to remember your memorable moments with this beautiful place!

How does this GPS map camera app work?
* Install “GPS map stamp: geotag photos with a time-stamping camera”
* Enter the address,
*Choose the GPS map you want to add to the photo from Normal, Satellite, Hybrid and Terrain,
* Select the timestamp model,
* Take a photo using a geo camera or select it from your photo gallery!

In seconds, this geotagging photo app will add a custom timestamp on the photo!

You can add the location either on the photos you captured using this GPS camera with longitude and latitude or stored in your photo gallery. So if you search “How do I geotag photos with my location?” », This geotagging camera app will help you easily watermark photos with GPS tag!

Who can get the most out of this photo stamp app?

Adventure-savvy people to geotag photos of different places
Civil engineers and architectures to capture the work on site using a geo-stamp camera
➺ Event / exhibition organizers for photo geo-tagging of destination events

◇ Take a look at the collection of GPS map stamp templates for geotagging photos with time stamp camera app:

Local temperature units (° C or ° F)
✔ Location data (detailed address)
Date Timestamp
Add geolocation (Normal, Satellite, Terrain, Hybrid) on the images!

➺ Just select the GPSmap stamp template you like from this photo stamp, add the details and it will be featured in the pictures in a flash!

This Geo camera is accessible with unique features that help you relive your travels by exploring the Places by geotagging the photos.

Variants of the Geotagging app include:

This geotagging photo app will add your current GPS map location on the images.

Drag and drop the “PIN” location on the map; it will become a GPS camera with location in longitude and latitude.
➺ Add personalized address stamps.


Time format

Choose any timestamp format the way you want it to watermark the photos.

Date format

Print the timestamp on the photo in the format you want to see on the timestamp photos.

Interesting features of this photo stamp:

1. Modes for GPS beacon:

→ Automatic:
Let your device automatically retrieve current geotag and add location to photo instantly every time you capture a photo through this GPS camera!

→ Manual:
Forgot to add the Geotag stamp? Relax! Add it manually using this geo stamp app as you can add custom address stamps on gallery photos as well.

2. Type of tags:
Add a GPS tag on the images of any of the 4 formats available from this geo stamp camera app:
a) Normal b) Satellite c) Terrain & d) Hybrid

3. Stylish GPSmap stamp template to watermark photos:
There are many templates available for geotagging photos in just a few steps! Or change the custom stamp template according to the backdrop of the pictures.

4. Simple and fast user interface:
This time stamp camera app will run at high speed to add location to photo!

Preview the custom stamp on the photo added by this geo stamp app before adding them to your album.

This geolocation application offers you the convenience of time stamping photos according to your needs.

Haven’t watermarked photos with Geotag photo app? Do it simply by using “GPS Map Stamp: Geotag Photos with Timestamp Camera” which easily adds precise geotagging on the photos in the gallery and on the photos you capture using the GPS Map camera.

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