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Health Pal Fitness Manager v4.2.57 Premium Mod APK

Health Pal Helps You Keep Your Body Healthy and Fit. It records and manages your daily activities like Walking, Exercises, Calories, Water consumption to achieve and lead a healthy life

Health Pal has an additional new feature to show water and food reminders. It also gives you real-time status and health reports of your daily health related activities.


✓ Automatically records your walk, distance and calories count
✓ Integrated real-time pedometer as well as manual recording of steps
✓Daily walking statistics and graph
✓ Calories, walking speed, distance is calculated in real time

Water and diet reminders
✓ Reminds you every hour to drink water.
✓ Diet reminder informs you to skip breakfast, lunch and dinner on time.
✓The daily weight tracking reminder will allow you to track your weight loss or weight gain progress.
✓ You can create, manage and edit all Health Reminders and turn them off at any time if not required.

Health and fitness goals
✓ Track your daily walking goals
✓Keep track of your daily water intake goals
✓ Track your weight loss or weight gain goals

Weight loss tracker
✓ Functionality to periodically record your current weight and track your progress
✓Daily weight loss or weight loss statistics and charts
✓ The weight loss graph is also available in the main dashboard for easy tracking

Monitoring of water consumption
✓ Possibility to add your daily water consumption
✓Progress viewer to check if you have consumed a minimum of water necessary for the day
✓ Coming feature to set a reminder for drinking water on time

Food research and monitoring
✓ Search millions of foods online.
✓ Add personalized foods and calories

Exercise monitoring
✓ Feature to calculate the calories burned for an activity
✓Record your exercise with duration and calories burned
✓ A graph to display your total calories burned for each exercise session

✓ Create your basic profile with height, weight, age, etc.

Health calculators
✓ BMI, energy expenditure, blood volume and alcohol calculator
✓Blood pressure, ideal weight, body fat, blood pressure, smoking cost calculator
✓ Ideal weight, body fat, maximum heart rate, body water calculators

Important warnings
✓ Health Pal is a complete package and solution for your daily fitness and good health. The information and content in Health Pal is for educational purposes only.
✓The Health Pal app should not be used as a substitute for medical and fitness advice from a physician, fitness experts and healthcare providers.
✓ Consult a health care provider for advice on any treatment or medical condition. Ask experts in experts and nutrition experts for exercise and diet activities.

P.S We aim to add and support more features like handheld integration and automatic sleep and sugar level tracking in the app in the near future. Thank you for your continued support.

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