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Hi Dictionary – Free Language Dictionary v1.6.0.1 (Ad-Free) APK

Hi Dictionary is a free translator of all languages ​​and a reversible reference for 108 languages, including English to Hindi translation, Hindi to Tamil translation, Arabic to Tamil translation. English, etc. The best dictionary app to translate language, meaning and word reference.

Hi Dictionary is more powerful than you might think . Hi Dictionary can be applied to almost any application.

Hi Dictionary is useful for one-click text translation and image translation. Come porcupine your foreign friends!


Choice of 1.10 million users

* supports more than 100 languages
* Quick search and translation for word reference
* Instant replay

The most popular languages ​​are:
Translation from Hindi to English:
Hindi to Tamil translation
Translation from English to Marathi:
English to Swahili
Translation from Hindi to Urdu:
Arabic to English translation
English Telegu Dictionary
Bangla English Dictionary, etc.

More functions:

1. Offline text translation

Support offline translation, our new offline feature allows you to use our app and translate abroad without internet

2. Instant dictionary

Support quick search without opening the app. Just open the floating ball and easily translate any language. Best choice for education and language learning.

3. Word lock screen

Supports language learning for all languages. Set the word lock screen on your device and increase vocabulary day by day.

4. Instant replay

Translate sentences and correct grammar with just one click. No more worrying about making mistakes.

5. AI camera translation

Camera Translation: Instantly translate any text around you. Recognizes 18 languages.

Be confident anytime, anywhere with your translation partner, Hi Dictionary!


1) Maintain required permissions and real-time networking.
2) Bubble Text Translator:

Drag the floating ball to the content of chat bubbles, and in one step, the bubble content will be translated into the target language.
3) Translation of the language of the input box:

Enter all languages ​​in the input box of the dialog, drag and drop the floating translation ball on the text in the input box, and the text would be translated to the language your friends use.

Translations between the following languages ​​are supported:

English, Hindi / Hindi, Bengali / Bangla / Telugu, Telugu / తెలుగు, Marathi / Marathi / Maratha, Tamil / / ் / Tamiḻ, Urdu / اُردُو / Uru, Kannada / ಕನ್ನಡ / kannaḍa, Gujarati / Gujrat / Gujarati and Gujarat-Gujarati / Gujarat Shimah, Punjabi / Punjabi / Shahmukhi, Chinese, Spanish / Español / Castellano, Arabic / عربي / عربى, Malay / Baha Melu, Portuguese / Português, Russian / ру́OWN язы́к, French / French, German / Dictionary, Hausa / Issa . / / ار ん ご Persian, Persian / فارسی / Fârs Swahili, Swahili / Kisville, Javanese / Bassa Java, Thai / ษา ษา Indonesian, Indonesian / Bahasa Indonesia, Turkey / Türkçe, Nepalese / Nepalese, Filipino / Tagalog, Vietnamese / Tiang Việt , Korean / ほ / italiano, Amharic / Amharic, Czech / iceština, Croatia / Croatia, Swedish / svenska, Dutch / Dutch, Greek / ηλληνικά / Greek, Romanian / limba română, Polish / Polski, Finnish / Suomalainen, Hungarian / Magician, Hebrew / Dictionary, Kazakh / / азақша, Cambodian / kir, Kyrgyz / Кыргыз тили, Burmese, Norwegian / norsk språk, Norwegian / وتو, Sinhala / සිංහල, Somali / Somali, Albanian / Shqїнtar, Ukrainian

(The translation language continues to increase, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to join our WhatsApp group’s response: https://chat.whatsapp.com/D6rX8hRvZxiKwdBiedVxy6) ”

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