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Hiby Music 4.1.1 build 5726 (Mod) Apk

!Description update applies to version 3.0.0 build 5480 and above!
!Please wait for the update to reach you if the version you see is still 2.3.4!

Hiby Music Player is a free Hi-Fi lossless audio player designed for audiophiles and music lovers. New features include support for direct USB audio on Android 7.x and HiByLink to control lossless playback on affiliated remote devices, giving you a first-class music experience wherever you go.

New features:

1. Use HiByLink to upgrade affiliate portable and desktop audio players to a touchscreen, remote-controlled experience while enjoying hi-resolution lossless playback on the device itself.

2.Free app first to support direct USB audio output to Android 7.x.
3. Added queue play function and function to save edited queue as new playlist.
4. All new user interface bringing a new new user experience, with a new pictorial Quick Guide added.
5. Improved compatibility with Android devices;
6. fixed track control under albums, under multi-disc albums (DISCNUMBER support!), Etc.
7. Device on Expanded output sampling rate at 44.1 and 48 kHz, adapting to phones with different Android system sampling rates;
8. Added option to disable exclusive USB audio output and use Android system USB audio for convenience / interoperability;
9. Added USB volume lock function to ensure bitperfect output more easily;
10. English and revised translations; multilingual
11. Added illustrated quick start guide for ease of use;
12. Added update function independent of Google Play;
13. Added custom language selection option independent of Android system language.

Other characteristics:

1.Support wide / lossy lossless audio format including DSD (FSN, DFF, DST), ISO, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, M4A, AAC, MP3, Ogg Vorbis
2.CUE sheets and ISO images are also directly supported
3.High precision decoding with 32 bit output, 64 bit floating point decoding and 128 bit internal precision, all for the best audio quality.
4. External USB DAC is supported with DXD / DOP output. You can get native DSD or 384kHz, 32 bit DXD audio stream easily.
6.10 bands graphic equalizer

Stay tuned, the more professional function will be added all the time!

email: service@hiby.com
website: www.hiby.com


– Languages: Russian, English
– Alternative Russian translation
– Disabled protection by signature
– Cleaned up the manifesto

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