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Hiragana Quest: Learn Japanese Alphabet v0.4.2 (Unlocked) APK

Are you looking for a fun Japanese learning app that covers Hiragana Japanese Alphabet with Japanese Letters, Japanese Writing and Japanese Characters? Hiragana Quest is the perfect choice.

Our Japanese learning app helps you learn to read and write:

– Hiragana – the Japanese alphabet!
– Katakana – a special alphabet for foreign words!


We know that the Hiragana alphabet, Japanese symbols, Japanese Katakana, and learning the Japanese language in general can be complicated. That’s why we’ve reinvented and recreated classic Japanese language learning apps by adding two awesome mascots, Hirako and Katato. They are here to take you on a journey of learning to write Japanese and learning to read Japanese with simple stories and a system that makes learning effective and easier to remember.


The cool Hirako and Katato mascots aren’t the only unique feature of Hiragana Quest. We set ourselves apart from similar Japanese learning apps with additional learning tools you won’t find elsewhere. There are guides and traces for each trait on your screen, you can level up as you learn and test yourself to make sure your learning is up to date.


・ Join our mascots Hirako and Katato on your trip to Japan.
Simple stories or “mnemonics” for each character make learning easy and fun.
・ Learn over 100 characters in just a few hours!
Our system ensures that you will remember what you have learned for years to come.
Follow the guides and draw each line on your screen.
・ Test yourself on the characters you have learned.
Earn experience points and improve your learning!
・ Simple and intuitive user interface makes learning Japanese easy and fun!

Now go learn Japanese hiragana in a fun way.

Learn the first 7 hiragana for free! If you’re impressed, unlock the rest of the course with a small in-app purchase. Unlock Katakana at the same time to get a discount!

-> Download Hiragana Quest now for free!

Developed in Tokyo in the Go! To go! Nihon studios from the team behind the Study Quest language study game!


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