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HP Prime Pro v2.1 build 14591 (Paid) APK

HP Prime Pro is a comprehensive, integrated graphing calculator app that enables students to problem solve, learn, and explore on their mobile device.

Designed with the same presentation and the same functionalities as the HP Prime graphing calculator approved by the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research, the application meets the requirements of digital courses and offers flexible functionalities whatever. wherever you work.


• Advanced graphing features to graphically represent implicit and explicit equations and inequalities, with the ability to plot or create arrays of points of interest.
• Use the 3D Graph function to plot the functions that define Z in terms of X and Y
• conversions of units and base units to handle the most complex problems in chemistry, physics, quantum mechanics and other technical fields
• “Pinch to zoom” and “multi-touch” features provide a convenient and intuitive experience.
• Comprehensive programming language including user-defined functions and re-programmable keys
• Perfect companion for high school and college math courses with dynamic geometry, statistics, finance and spreadsheet applications.
• Contextual help always corresponding to the current view via the application.
• Easily switch from decimals to special values ​​of ((a / b) * π, (a / b) * √ (c / d), ln (a / b), and e ^ (a / b)
• Solve simple equations and systems of equations (linear and nonlinear).
• HP Prime Explorer allows the user to discover several families of functions
• Calculate bonds, cash flows, dates and more with the Finance function.
• Reduce keystrokes with the RPN option.
• Offers a Multidimensional Computational Algebra System (CAS).
• Genuine app, developed and supported by HP.

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