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IGP: Prayer Times, Al Quran, Azan, Qibla Finder v1.7.0 (Premium) APK

precise prayer times / quran recitation / qibla direction / nearest mosque locator / halal locations / islamic calendar

stay connected with authentic waktu solat app specially designed for islamic society. all in one islamic app with multiple features like muslim prayer times, adhan time, azan alarm, recite holy quran, qibla finder to find qibla direction, islamic calendar or hijri calendar, daily 40 duis, tasbeeh counter, 99 names allah, nearest mosque locator and halal places.

prayer time (waktu solat):

– time of salat of fajr, shrook, zuhr, asr, magrib and isha
– precise prayer times based on your current location
– waktu solat timely alerts to remind you of prayer times
– different calculation method, asar hanfi / shafi method

Al Quran:

– 114 quran sura for reading
– Complete Quran with 31 multiple languages
– Arabic Koranic audio

qibla direction:

– digital compass to automatically locate the direction of the qibla
– direction of qibla according to user’s location

hijri islamic calendar:

– stay up to date on all upcoming Islamic events with Hijri Islamic Calendar
– manual setting option for hijri date adjustment

Nearest mosques and halal locator:

– find mosque and halal foods near you
– different distance radius to show mosques
– click on the name of the mosque to get directions

40 hadiths and duas of the day:

– collection of authentic hadiths
– Daily duas before and after each job, eg sleeping, in the morning, eating, etc.

tasbeeh digital counter:

– the digital version of tasbih / tasbeeh which helps the activity of dzikr muslims
– day and night modes

asmaul husna:

– list of 99 names of Allah
– 99 names of Allah in Arabic language with English meaning
– asmaul husna audio for each name

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