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iOS Projekt for kwgt v1.1 (Paid) APK


iProjeKt is a redesign of iOS widgets. With functionality and interactivity in mind.

When you define the widget in KWGT, you need to go to the widget editor and go to the “Globals” tab where you will have all the options for each widget.

Features :
-Automatic (system defined) and manual dark mode on most widgets
– Advanced music widgets which include vlume control. Song and artist information and even a lyrics option that works with most songs (needs improvement)
-News portal with different topics
– Weather widgets with good design and lots of information
-All-in-one Jilbreak Tweak based widget complications
-Advanced system information options in some widgets
– Battery information widgets
-And more!


How to use the Notes widget:
-Download the “txtpad” application from Google Play. Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=vladyslavpohrebniakov.txtpad&hl=es_419&gl=US
-Create a .txt file called “notes.txt” and save your notes there (it can be any type of text)

Blurry background in some widgets:
As KWGT widgets are not able to realtime blur or get position relative to wallpaper, you need to go to Globals section of KWGT editor and set your current wallpaper image, scale it to the position where you want the widget to be placed. and save the changes. I know it’s a bit boring but it’s the only solution right now. if you don’t like it, just activate the option “Solid Backgroun” and it will take the color of the wallpaper and make a nice gradient with it.

-Give KWGT all necessary permits
-Set favorite music player in KWGT settings
-Widgets refreshes every 5 seconds by default (you can change it to refresh it per second but it will consume more battery)

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