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Journey: Diary, Journal v5.1.0B-play (Premium)

◉ Premium Features Unlocked

Join millions of Journey users and create a healthier, happier mind. A sanctuary for your mind and soul, Journey will help you increase your positive energy, be more grateful, and have a calmer mind by building healthy thoughts through journalism.

We are more than just a diary or diary; We are your motivational coach and happiness coach. Let’s start a wonderful journey of self-improvement today.

The most important reasons why you need a trip:

⁃ You want to find a place to keep your daily thoughts private
⁃ You want to vent your feelings / clear your brain
⁃Do you want to keep your affirmation and gratitude list?
⁃ Struggle to maintain the daily routine
⁃ You want to get out of depression
He is anxious and unable to calm the thoughts in your mind
⁃Keep track of your successes in life

Advantages of the trip:

⁃ Focus and focus
⁃ sleep better
⁃stress management
⁃ Calm anxiety and meditate
⁃ Happy
Mental health
⁃better habits
⁃ Stimulus

Integrated training:

Ready for a healthier mind? Take it to a new level with the use of Coach Journey’s built-in daily tips:

⁃ It inspired me
“A good quote worthy of a book.” Receive inspirational quotes from famous people every day. Think and write about how the idea applies to your life.

⁃ gratitude 365
“If you are appreciated and appreciated, it will increase in your life.” Write 3 things you are grateful for based on today’s topic.

⁃ love affair
Think about your romantic relationship and identify the habits you need to build, the problems you need to solve, and the problems you need to prevent in your relationship.

And more…

Flight characteristics:

⁃ Synchronize with the cloud via Google Drive
⁃ Passcode and fingerprint protected
⁃Available on mobile, desktop and web
coach Integrate a coach trip: daily / weekly daily prompt
⁃ Step by step guide for beginners
entries Displays entries in the agenda, calendar and map
⁃ Advanced search: activities, mood, favorites
entries Create email entries
⁃ Link to Zapier

To find out about an excursion, visit this page:

Authorizations are required
⁃ ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: Determine the exact location to retrieve places and weather
AD READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Import import notes
⁃ WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: export and share the journal entry

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