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JTInstagram+ v4.0 (Many Features) (Mod) APK

◉ Instagram Modded

JTInstagram+ Many Features Mod APK

JTInstagram+ JiMODs Jimtechs Editions is a modified version of Instagram that allows users to download photos, videos, IGTV, and film reels in high quality. It also offers unique features such as material mods, ghost mode, image quality improvement, and downloads. One of the most important features is the ability to download media and save it to your device. Another feature is a close friends list that allows users to share stories with a specific friends list. JTInstagram+ also includes a feature called Save Story to Archive, which allows users to keep live videos in their archive for 30 days, making them view-only. Plus, it’s an ad-free platform with a Ghost Mode feature that keeps people from knowing you’re entering a DM. All in all, JTInstagram+ offers a unique and powerful Instagram experience with additional features that enhance the user experience. To install JTInstagram+, download the apk from the official website, install it, log in, and enjoy.


JTInstagram Key Features:

  • Download pictures and videos: this allows you to download images and videos and save them onto your device, after that it also allows you to delete the original application and save on space using it as the main platform for accessing your IG account

  • Close Friends List: you can create your list of close friends from out of your follower list, and choose to share your story with them alone.

  • Hide Stories from List: this allows you to hide all photos and videos that you would like to post on your stories from specific people of your choosing, and this includes live videos.

  • Allow Message Replies: you can choose to allow, message replies to either everyone, or people you know, or disable replies entirely.

  • Save Story to Archive: Save live to archive – Your live videos can be saved to your archives for 30 days of which, only you can see them.

  • Sharing: When you turn this off, other people would not be able to add your feed posts to their stories. By all means, this also applies to sharing photos and videos from your story as messages because you can toggle this feature on and off as you, please.
  • No Advertisements: get an ad-free platform that allows you to view the important stuff on your feed alone.

  • Analytics and Crash Reports are disabled

  • Ghost Mode: Here you can disable typing status to prevent the people you might be texting using the app from knowing that you’re typing anything. You can decide to hide your activity as a viewer from people’s stories and they won’t know that you watched it even if it was specifically meant for you, With the ‘Don’t mark directly as read’ feature you can read someone’s message in your DM and close the app without them realizing that you read it in the first place.

  • Quality Improvements: you get to improve the quality of various Instagram files such as:
    • IGTV quality
    • Photo Quality
    • Reels Quality
    • Stories’ Quality
  • Smart Gestures: you can either swipe left or right to navigate between pages, zoom on a photo by long-tapping, and even like a photo by double-tapping on it. These can even be disabled if one wishes to do so.

  • Misc: Many other minor features are important because it’s the little things that matter.

  • Discover People: You can discover people by following the people on your contacts who have active Instagram accounts.

Enjoy JTInstagram+!

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