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KANJI STUDY v4.3.9 Pro Mod APK

Japanese Kanji App for Everyone by PORO has been developed with the aim of providing the best tool to support kanji learning and preparation for the JLPT exam.

With over 1,800 kanji characters listed in detail, each kanji contains full meanings, see-and-learn illustrations, konami, and onimi, all coming with a ton of related vocabulary. This application is suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced, from Kanji N5, Kanji N4, Kanji N3, Kanji N2 to Kanji N1.

The app is divided into 231 sub-topics, making it easy for you to follow and learn the kanji characters by topic or by roots.

Features include learning cards, quizzes, and kanji quizzes, all provided to help you train your memory of the kanji characters.

At each level, you are provided with tests that simulate the content of the JLPT Japanese Language Proficiency Test, which will help you become familiar with the structure of the test.

Key Features

★ 231 Kanji theme by each level:
• Five levels of kanji: N5, N4, N3, N2, N1, allow you to choose your level.
• Each level contains kanji lessons divided by topic such as: family, work, etc. Or by kanji roots so that you can learn other kanji groups associated with them.

★ Detailed kanji information:
• Kanji details: meanings and all konimi and uenimi readings.
• See graphics and learn illustrations: Tips to remember kanji easier.
•Related Vocabulary List: Helps you expand your vocabulary and remember your Kuni and Onimi readings.
• Audios for Vocabulary: Learn vocabulary while hearing the pronunciation.

★ Study flashcards:
• Show/hide the meanings of Konami and Onimi Kanji.
•Practice kanji by swiping the flashcard to test your memory.
• Customize your favorite tag to sort the kanji that you love.

★ practice test:
• Customize the questions to test your understanding of kanji, their meanings, konimi, onimi, and related vocabulary in the topic.
• Customize the frequency of repeating wrong answers to help you remember forgotten kanji.
•Set a timer to train your memory and reaction to kanji.
• The details of the test result at the end will show you which kanji you remembered.

★ Kanji Challenges
• Enjoy learning while playing kanji challenges: improve your reactions to kanji and their meanings by quickly selecting the correct answer within 5 seconds.

★ JLPT اختبار Test

• Variety of JLPT simulated kanji tests with timer feature will give you an experience like taking a real JLPT exam.
• Explanations for correct and incorrect answers will be provided after each test, helping you review your kanji lessons and vocabulary.

★ Kanji Dictionary
• By viewing all 2,500 kanji on the home screen, you can look and compare the differences for each kanji.
•Kanji Dictionary: Quickly find the kanji you want to learn.
• Track your learning progress by marking the kanji you have learned.

★ Learn kanji by roots
• Specially designed for kanji learners who are learning kanji by root.
•Kanji Dictionary: Quickly find the kanji you want to learn.
• Arrange the kanji characters by root, helping you develop your vocabulary easier.

** Poro – Japanese Kanji for Everyone * Suitable for:
Japanese lap learner from basic to intermediate level who is preparing for the Japanese JLPT exams N1, N2, N3, N4, N5.
– People who love Japanese culture.
– People interested in Japanese language kanji.
– People who want to challenge themselves in real JLPT exams.

We are just a small team that love Japanese and try to share our love with the community, so if you like this app then please take a moment to rate the app with 5★ and share it with your friends. The application is currently still under development; We hope to receive your comments and opinions that contribute to improving the application.

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