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KathaKids Stories for kids v1.0.78 (Unlocked) APK

KathaKids’s mission is to introduce children to the joy of storytelling. Why stories? Because children who like stories start to read. And kids who read for fun become curious lifelong learners!

Here is a short list of what the KathaKids app includes:

• Stories from Indian mythology and folklore
• Stories of Panchatantra
•Stories of Tenali Raman
• Stories of Lord Krishna
• Stories with lots of pictures
•Stories are told by professional storytellers
• You can read the downloaded stories offline


On the KathaKids app, we carefully select stories from Indian mythology and folklore. These stories are then adapted for the content and language of modern day children.

This includes stories of popular characters like Tenali Raman, Krishna, and Ganesha. Stories of Panchatantra, Mahabharata and various other mythological and folk texts. There are stories of values ​​such as bravery, kindness and honesty.

KathaKids is a great way to introduce your kids to stories you read as a child or heard from your grandma.


All the stories are full of colorful images and are interpreted by professional narrators. Children can listen to the stories read to them or read the stories on their own. The app is the perfect companion for bedtime stories!


At KathaKids, we want to create a safe and ad-free environment for children. That’s why we charge a small fee to support our efforts.

KathaKids subscribers get full access to all stories. You can refer the app to your friends. Every time a new friend downloads the app, you get free access for a few days!

After the free period ends, you can continue reading four stories for free. We regularly update the free stories.

Subscribers also have access to premium parental controls, where parents can monitor their children’s reading activity.

All of the latest children’s stories on KathaKids appear on the home screen.

You can also browse our collections where the stories are grouped by genres such as mythology, folk tales, funny stories, history and legends etc. our collections.

We have also created a “Favorite Stories” section. A “heart icon” appears at the end of each story. If you like it, tap the icon and the story will appear in the Favorite Stories section.

We created the KathaKids app with great care and love to spread the joy of storytelling among children and to keep Indian mythological stories and folk tales alive through modern storytelling.

We hope you enjoy the app!

You can write to us at support@kathakids.com for any doubts or questions.
You can log on to our website www.kathakids.com/the-storytellers to learn more about our journey.

Privacy Policy – http://app.kathakids.com/privacy-policy

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