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Kickboxing Fitness Trainer – Lose Weight At Home v3.20 (Premium) APK

Fasting and high intensity exercise are often referred to as rapid weight loss methods. These methods are really effective but also make your health, your body go down, even extremely dangerous effects. So, if you want to lose weight fast, find another, safer and more effective method, like learning kick boxing for weight loss, reducing belly fat for example.

Kick boxing is a martial art, a sport, it is a combination of aerobics, boxing and martial arts. Along with intense exercise that coordinates muscle activity, to increase speed, strength and shape, kick boxing burns a large amount of calories, estimated at over 1000 calories per hour, helping people learn to box. , lose weight, effectively reduce abdomen belly fat, arms, thigh area, reduce a large amount of excess fat in the body, and not only that, movement during exercise also helps promote metabolic processes too important and stimulate energy consumption, lose weight.

Kickboxing application

Kick Boxing Fitness – The Lose Weight app includes over 60 kickboxing and MMA exercises, from easy to difficult, for all skill levels from beginners to pros. Kicboxing can burn up to 1000 calories per hour, reduce and maximize excess fat, replenish energy for other activities to help you lose weight quickly, efficiently and safely.

Lose weight trainer

In addition to kickboxing exercises, consume a large amount of calories. The app also has an effective diet plan to lose weight in the fastest and safest way.

Kickboxing fitness exercise to burn calories

Includes exercises: Jab, boxing cross, boxing hook, MMA high kick, MMA round kick…. All the exercises are detailed by video and 3D animation


– Beginner to advanced kickboxing plan
– Automatically saves training progress
– The graph tracks your weight trends
– Personalize your workout reminders
– Detailed 3D video and animation guides
– Lose weight with a personal trainer
– Nutrition for muscle gain

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