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King Calculator v2.2.3 (Premium unlocked) APK

King Calculator is part of “Google in Education”, schools in the United States use it as an educational tool.

Free, easy to use, intuitive and functional, fractions are made easy and natural.

Our flexible display makes it easy to enter numbers, functions, operators, and percent calculations.

Using fractions is easy, you can change the cursor position and edit the entered values ​​effortlessly. Colorful text will make math expressions readable and editable. If you want to double the display size, you can do it with one click, anywhere. Working on all screen sizes, the app is compatible with any phone or tablet.

Switch between the scientific calculator display and the simple display by reorienting your device. The calculator displays graphs, accepts large numbers, and uses memory variables. All of this can be an integral part of the expressions you enter.

View calculations and results in the history screen, re-enter them, or store a result in memory.

Choose between memory actions with the MRC, M + and M- buttons, or use memory variables instead.

Including Material Design displays, and five different themes. This is a free calculator, which will remain free, with no additional purchase required to unlock features. The application does not require any intrusive permission.

Are you taking math or algebra classes at school or university? This is the app for you.

Main features:

★ Fractions. Enter them, edit them, convert them.
★ Basic and advanced arithmetic.
★Operational priorities.
★ Percentage calculations.
★ Memory variables.
★Support large numbers.
★ Ans button, which stores the last result for the next expression.
★ History of operations.
★Equation editor.
★ Style memory / percent buttons (M + / M- / MRC buttons).
★ Trigonometric functions (Sine, cosine, tangent, arcsin, arccos, arctan, hyperbolic sine, hyperbolic cosine, hyperbolic tangent).
★Exponents, you can put a number to any power.
★ Square root and cubic root.
★ Euclidean divisions and factorial operations.
★Logarithmic functions.
★ Absolute value function.
★ Threshold and ceiling.
★Basic calculator display.
★ Scientific calculator display.
★ Graphic functions (Single variable functions)
★Material Design interface
★ Free.

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