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Language Translator v1.12 (Premium) APK

Translate all languages ​​and voice to text translator app

Language translator and translator app is so simple for translating and converting words. All Languages ​​Translator now provides the World Languages ​​Translation Package for free. Text translation app – free live voice is a symbol for the exchange of voice and written content. Language translator app is the most reliable for all language chat conversations. Translate Language Translators app has the function of image translation OCR scanner.

Text translator
All translation / translation languages ​​allow speaking to translate and change your voice to text. This online global language translator offers the ability to copy and paste your translated text. Translate all language is an advanced audio and phrase translation guru. The translated language translator supports more than 100 languages.

Global language translator
Language interpreter app makes it easy to interpret any language and you can easily develop other language skills like English to Spanish, Arabic to Swedish, Chinese to English. Free all languages ​​translation and voice text translation app ready for live text translation.
Global language translator and translator guru have feature sets with file translator i.e.Pdf. SMS. Doc. Docx and images. Global language translation app provides the global dictionary to understand the meaning of the word as well as phrases. Voice translator app translates sentences from audio to text, image to text, and written text to voice.

Online dictionary app

Online dictionary apps are available to find the word reference and understand the meaning of words one by one. In this modern era, all-in-one translation app provides universal voice translator online dictionary which is perfect communication, translation text and voice transmitter tool allows you to speak to translate any any voice or language means getting any language translated or word-for-word translation.

Camera translation app
Camera Translator captures image of text or obtains text on any board, notepad or note page to translate the language of the request immediately. And Camera translator app is also a good translator which is used for quick translation results in any language.

Highlights for the language translator
Translate all languages ​​can translate word for word and phrases in any language.
World languages ​​translate voice messages, audio notes and recording conversion easily
Language translator also translate files translator (pdf .txt .doc .docx)
Translate the photo, an image containing text with this photo translator
Chat in all languages ​​translates any capture text through this camera translator
Voice Text Translator Free Familiar Language Translator Worldwide
Voice translator provides online dictionary of words with reference

The translated language translator supports the following language:

Afrikaans, Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian (Български), Bosnian (Bosanski), Cantonese, Catalan (Català), Simplified Chinese (简体 中文), Traditional Chinese (繁體 中文), Croatian (Hrvatski), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian (Eesti), Fijian, Filipino, Finnish (Suomi), French, German (Deutsch), Greek (Ελληνικά), Haitian Creole, Hebrew (עברית), Hindi (हिंदी), Hungarian, Icelandic (Íslenska), Indonesian, (Italiano ), Japanese (日本語), Korean (한국어), Latvian (Latviešu), Lithuanian (Lietuvių), Malagasy, Malay (Melayu), Maltese, Norwegian (Norsk), Persian (فارسی), Polish (Polski), Portuguese (Português )), Romanian (Română), Russian (Русский), Samoan, Serbian-Cyrillic, Serbian-Latin (Srpski-latinica), Slovak (Slovenčina), Spanish, Swahili (Kiswahili), Swedish (Svenska), Tahitian (Tahitian), Tamil (தமிழ்), Telugu (తెలుగు), Thai (ไทย), Tonga (lea fakatonga), Turkish (Türkçe), Urdu (Terjamha).

To note:
This is not a text translation scanner app, it is an ultimate text translator for all languages ​​and interpreter apps that speak multiple languages ​​for free.

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