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Laugh My App Off (LMAO)- Daily funny jokes v2.7.8 (Premium) APK

Laugh My Off App is the new way to get your “HAHA and LOL” on the go! Laughter has been scientifically proven to be the best medicine and with Laugh My App Off it guarantees unforgettable smiles all day long.

We’ve collected hundreds of the best and funniest jokes, to put a smile on your face, post and share with your friends to keep the fun going! You will be laughing at your “app” in no time!

Feeling run down? Set how many times per day you want to receive joke notifications on your phone. Be amazed throughout the day to receive a boost. It’s perfect for taking the stress out of a moment. Want even more?

Whether it’s simple jokes, cheesy puns or hilarious puns and clever puzzles, we guarantee jokes that will make you laugh.
And now with the latest update, browse thousands of jokes and funny content with different categories:
– General jokes
– Funny Shower Thoughts
– Cheese pickup lines
– joke joke joke
– Funny questions
– Doctor jokes
– Funny jokes for kids
– Food jokes
– “A guy walks into a bar …”
– Math jokes
– Jokes about marriage and couples
– riddles
– movie jokes
– Fun Sports Jokes

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