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Learn basic Japanese Word and Grammar – HeyJapan v1.86 (Premium) APK


By studying with HeyJapan for 1 hour and continuously for 2 months, you will see the difference!
>> Take 40 minutes each day to learn basic Japanese words, basic grammar and sentences, and practice listening and speaking. Spend another 20 minutes to review the entire lesson.
On the weekends, review all the basic words and phrases you’ve learned during the week and earn great HeyJapan badges!

Learning the Japanese alphabet is the first step in conquering this interesting language.

The English writing system uses the Latin alphabet, while Japanese is hieroglyphic. Therefore, all English speakers who start to learn Japanese are surprised and quickly lose their motivation to learn from the start. HeyJapan helps beginners understand basic Japanese alphabets.

Easy selection of several display modes:

Just Japanese
Show Hiragana
Romaji display
👉 Japanese word + hiragana
👉 Japanese word + romaji
Hiragana + Romaji
👉 Japanese word and Furigana + Romaji

Combine Japanese words and phrases by subject
Learn basic words and phrases by topic: family, animals, food and all things related to everyday life.

>> Japanese words and grammars N5, N4
>> Japanese vocabulary for communication
>> Japanese vocabulary with pictures
>> Japanese vocabulary with audio

Japanese is difficult but having HeyJapan makes it a lot easier. Make friends with Heyjapan and conquer Japanese together!

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