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Location Changer – Fake GPS v3.12 (Mod) APK

◉ Premium Features Unlocked

Change your GPS position using this simple app. Prevent apps and websites from tracking your real location. Test your location-based applications. This app also displays detailed location information, so it can be used as a powerful location status tool. Set a pin on the map by long pressing (like on Google Maps), you can also double tap to zoom in / out on the map. Will also continue to work if you restart your phone. To deactivate it, just press the Stop button (also present in the notification).

* Please read everything on this page before using the app: https://www.netlinkd.com/locationchanger/

* Note:

If the app suddenly stops working or the notification goes away after a while, it’s probably because it’s limited in the background in your battery settings, make sure you allow it to work in the background so that it can work properly. Also, if you are using Mock locations mode, some apps may detect that you are using a fake location and you may receive an error message stating that they failed to detect your location, that is normal and Location Changer still works fine but unfortunately Android can notify apps if you are using a fictitious location. There isn’t much that can be done about this, there are workarounds and they may have their own limitations, please search the internet for more.

* Now it can work as a system app without the need to activate simulated locations. Please research how to make it a system app, as it may be different for each device. Please also note that this is a power user feature and we are not responsible if you cause any issues with your device during the process of creating a system app. To activate this mode, go to Settings – Work mode – Root (system application). Please note that with root mode the location may revert to the actual location on some devices – we recommend using this mode indoors where there is no GPS signal so that there is no ‘not interfere. If you don’t want to use it as a system app, you will need to enable simulated locations on your device from Developer options for the app to work.

* Joystick:

this can be activated in Settings – Joystick. To set the maximum speed (in km / h), go to Settings – Speed. Double-press and hold the joystick to drag it to a new preferred position.

* What are “Mock locations”?

Mock locations is a hidden setting in the Android operating system developer’s options that allows a device owner to set any GPS location for testing. To enable developer options, go to your device settings – About and tap Build number 7 times. It may be different on some devices, in which case you need to research how to do it for your device. Be careful not to change other system settings.

+- You can now add multiple pins on the map and set an interval in seconds to change the location of each pin. Please note that in Android the interval varies greatly when you turn off your screen / the device goes into sleep mode. To clear pins, tap Done, then tap and hold the map or search for a location to set a new unique pin.

+- Please note that this app does not change your IP address, it is not a VPN. Apps / websites that verify your location based on your IP address can still detect your actual location.

+- You can now access Android system developer options from the bottom right menu.

+- Now it also works in battery saving mode (no GPS) so all locate modes are working now. This mode does not work with root mode.

+- Note:

To turn off mock locations on your device, you will need to do so from Developer Options. You don’t normally need to turn it off, but some apps may not like the fact that you’ve turned it on because they can detect it. Also, it is important to press the Stop button before disabling simulated locations to recover your actual location.

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