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Logical IQ Quiz v2.15 (Pro) (Unlocked) APK

Logic Quiz

We have provided logical reasoning questions for math, everyday problems, anagrams, and picture transformation questions to ignite your thinking and reasoning skills.

The app is designed in such a way that you can choose your levels and progress according to your abilities.

– The intention is to cater for all age groups, all IQ levels
– Motivate children, adults, students of all sections
– Prepare for all exams to assess your knowledge of logical reasoning

– Fast UI, top-notch UI presented in Android app Quiz format
– Application designed to work on all screens – Phones and tablets
– Review your answers against the correct answers – Learn quickly
– Detailed reports on your performance of all quizzes present
– No limit on the quiz, try again as many times as you want

** People from any country, IQ level and any age can use this app **

Areas covered include logical thinking, reasoning skills, everyday math, and analogy (picture-based reasoning)

Questions can fall into one or more of these categories:
This app has a huge collection of logical reasoning skill puzzles in different categories which are suitable for all age groups.

The app is designed in such a way that students of all classes, college graduates, professionals and job applicants can all check their logical thinking and improve their IQ.

Individuals showing up for interviews or exams related to management entry, banking jobs, state civil service or government jobs could use this app for self-assessment as well as to learn quickly and improve their logical thinking.

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