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MapcamDroid Radar detector v3.83.1080 (Full) (Unlocked) APK

Antiradar, radar detector, MapcamDroid – a program that warns the driver of speed cameras, speed cameras, traffic police ambushes and potentially dangerous places on the road.

MapcamDroid will quickly remind you to obey traffic rules and speed limits, and help you avoid an accident or a fine.

MapcamDroid can work both independently and with any background navigation program.

The program uses the warnings database from the MapCam.info project. The project has been building an alert database since 2009. At present, it is the most complete and up-to-date database for CIS countries and not only. Databases from over 80 countries around the world are available.

The program uses two types of warning bases, “Standard” and “Extended”.

The “Standard” database includes the following warnings:

1. Static chamber measuring speed
2. Camera integrated into the traffic light
3. Camera checking the passage for red light
4. Twin camera on the road section
5. Mobile camera (ambush)
6. Mobile ambush (speed control)

The “Extended”, in addition to those listed above, includes:

7. Mobile ambush (overtaking, oncoming traffic)
8. Mobile ambush (STOP sign)
9. Mobile ambush (pedestrian crossing)
10. Lane control camera for public transport
11. Camera measurement speed (rear)
12. Traffic control complex
13. Lane control camera (rear)
14. Payment control camera (Plato)
15. Exit on the highway
16. Stationary traffic police station
17. Level crossing
18. Dangerous pedestrian crossing or school zone
19. Start of payment
20. Speed ​​limit sign
21. Speed ​​bumps
22. Bad road
23. Dangerous change of direction of travel
24. Dangerous intersection
25. Another danger
26. Overtaking prohibited
27. Traffic jam possible on the left lane
28. Potential congestion
29. Traffic jam possible on the right lane

Video instructions for setting the warning threshold in MapcamDroid:


It is not necessary to write in the comments that there are no cameras in the program or that the information about them appears late
At least in large cities, cameras enter the database almost the day they are installed.
Missing cameras can be dummies or weather stations that have nothing to do with traffic control.
It can also be a camera from the extended alert database, for example, a lane control camera.

You can check if the camera exists in the program and read more detailed information about it on the Mapcam.info website

If the camera is really not in the database, it can be added on the same page using a convenient visual interface.

You can get more detailed information about the program, as well as post your questions on the official program forum.

The iOS version can be found at the link: https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/mapcam-info-rus/id644832729


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