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MediBang Paint – Make Art v25.1 (Unlocked) Apk

MediBang Paint is a FREE and popular lightweight digital painting and comic / manga creation program that comes with brushes, fonts, backgrounds, and more. MediBang Paint is available on Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS. The app uses cloud recording so you can easily transfer your work between different platforms

Over the past few years, MediBang Paint has been downloaded over 8 million times worldwide and is now a very popular art creation tool among artists. Plus, ALL of MediBang Paint’s features are FREE!

The Android version allows you to draw anywhere, while retaining the functionality of the desktop version of the software

MediBang Paint includes many popular and creative tools for comic book illustrators / artists, including brushes, screen colors and backgrounds, cloud fonts, and comic book creation tools. Free registration on MediBang gives access to cloud storage to easily manage, save and share work

☆ Paint / create comics anywhere on your smartphone!

– App has almost as many functions as a desktop painting program
– Its interface designed for smartphones makes it easy to paint, change brush sizes or colors
– Color can be changed intuitively with color table

☆ Painting tools

・ Use over 100 free brushes to draw a variety of colorful scenes
* Wide variation of selection available from Airbrush, Pencil, Watercolor, G Pen, Map Pen, Sumi, Flat Brush, Round Acrylic Brush, School Pen, Turnip Pen the drawing pen, soft pastel and multiple brushes such as the salad brush
・ Forced fade in / out makes your lines crisp, even when drawing with your fingers

☆ Access tons of free resources

– You have access to 850 free tones, textures, backgrounds and bubbles
– There are backgrounds including cityscapes and vehicles to reduce the workload
– Tones, textures and backgrounds can be dragged and dropped onto the image, rotated, enlarged or transformed freely

☆ Free and popular comic fonts to make your comics look pro

・ The fonts used can change the atmosphere of your comic
・ Having the right fonts for the right backgrounds and characters is very important

☆ Easily create comic strips

・ A slip on the canvas can divide a board into several
・ You can transform / add color to the boards after creating them

☆ Stress-free drawing

– The interface of MediBang Paint is very simple and user-friendly
– Beginners can easily learn programs and create comics and illustrations
– Customize shortcuts, making production easier

☆ Draw efficiently

・ Magnetism guides facilitate perspective drawing
・ Pen correction makes lines sharp

☆ Easily edit your work

・ Easily edit and manage your work with layers
・ Draw a character’s hairstyle on a layer and modify it without having to redraw the head

☆ Use photo to draw

・ Take photos and place them in their own layer. Then create a new layer on top to trace. It is useful for drawing backgrounds

☆ Added dialogue with voice transcription

・ Add dialogue to your comics with our voice transcription
・ You can use the keyboard for longer dialogues

☆ Work with others from anywhere

・ Files saved in the cloud can be shared to work with others
・ Use this function to work on a group project

☆ Share your work in one click

・ Publish your work in one click to the MediBang art community

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