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Medication List & Medical Records v1.3.1 (Unlocked) APK


The healthcare ecosystem is a disparate collection of various electronic health records, EHRs, located across many providers; primary care, specialists and institutions. A patient does not have easy access to this information and providers do not have a complete medical history of a patient during an encounter.

The Medication and Medical Records List smartphone app allows a patient to keep their own set of relevant medical information on their phone for easy access and sharing.

Value proposition

Keep all of your medical records in one place for easy recall.


You can reference records at any time. Being able to provide information to doctors such as medication lists from a smartphone. May provide relevant medical records to emergency medical professionals in an emergency. Keep track of blood pressure to help you and your doctor manage high blood pressure. Keep track of lab results to monitor important levels such as A1C for blood sugar levels. Keep track of your weight to help manage its effect on blood pressure, diabetes, and other conditions.

Short summary

The application provides the patient with many features that help them to keep records of many common medical concepts. For example, there are features for drug lists, allergies, supplements, immunizations, diagnostics, procedures, and more. The patient can complete multiple entries for one of the categories per family member. So, if a household needs to keep records for the family, it is possible.

detailed description

• List of medications
• List of supplements
• List of allergies
• List of vaccinations
• List of appointments
• List of diagnostics
• List of complaints
• List of procedures
• List of surgeries
• Records of laboratory results
• Medical notes
• Medical background
• List of pharmacies
• Facilities, clinics, hospitals
• Doctors
• Family members
• Blood pressure recordings
• Vital signs
• Weight recording
• Reminders
• Backup and restore


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