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Meditation Music – Relax v1.9 (Premium) APK

Welcome to the free Meditation Music app. Meditation music will increase concentration and significantly reduce stress during meditation.

Different varieties of meditation music sounds will help you experience deep relaxation in meditation.

Along with the music there are background relaxation scenes which will serve as a better ambiance ranging from the water, to the mountains, to the trees, to the birds and to the temple.

Meditation music offers a combination of music and related images that will certainly be calming and help stimulate inner peace.

Meditation music supports the ability to add new sound to the music being played to mix and create sounds so you don’t have to navigate.

Just click “plus (+)” to get the list of all kinds of music, select from the given list and that’s it!
You can also remove the newly added sound by the Remove option.

Adjust the volume according to the size of your room to fully enjoy the music with your meditation.
You can control this skill using Play and Pause.

The features of meditation music app can energize you with positive vibes in your meditation.

The meditation music app also supports the timer function to allow easy setup of the music listening time and allows you to focus deeply on your meditation journey.

The timer will be displayed with a gong on the background screen, and after the specified time has elapsed, playback will end.

There is a collection of specially selected meditation music pieces. Discover different music such as:

🎵 Morning relaxation
🎵 Celestial water
🎵 Sing the Om
🎵 Pacific
🎵 Perfect rain
🎵 Temple
🎵 Motivator
🎵 Fresh water
🎵 Convent
🎵 Peace and happiness
🎵 Soft guitar
🎵 Bird song

Meditation music can be a good help in achieving eternal happiness and a relaxed state of mind during meditation.

Binaural beats

Listening to binaural beats with headphones has been scientifically shown to alter the listener’s brainwave biofeedback.

It helps you sleep better, relax, focus, be creative, and study better.

We have designed binaural beat frequencies, which are:

To sleep
Astral travel

The best part is that you can also adjust the frequency.

We make sure you can relax and enjoy the Meditation Music app like never before. Good meditation !!

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

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