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Meditopia: Sleep, Meditation, Breathing 3.14.7 (Premium) Apk

Meditopia is a French meditation and mental well-being application with more than 3 million members around the world. You will find mindfulness exercises, meditations, 7-day programs as well as music promoting sleep. Everything is created by scientists, yoga and mindfulness teachers.

Meditopia helps to feel calm, reduce stress, sleep well, love more, find peace and start exploring the deep self, thanks to more than 100 contents whose design and sound are from excellent quality.

You have access to over a hundred high quality sounding meditations. You can learn to meditate, learn mindfulness, listen to relaxing music with nature sounds, use the timer to meditate and focus on different topics with our specialized programs.

The topics that our programs cover are:

Introduction & welcome
Basics 1 & 2
Body awareness
Release tension
Restorative sleep

The Start Now program includes the following short meditations:

Short break
While walking
After work
Release the tension
In transport

In addition to the meditations, you can use the timer to meditate on your own using the different background music. You can also make a selection of your favorite meditations, download them and listen to them offline!


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