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Moku Hanga v1.43 (Paid) Apk

You have discovered the wonderful art of Moku Hanja, the Japanese style of woodblock printing. Scenic landscapes, beautiful women, and busy cityscapes can be transformed into this well-known exotic art whose flowing outlines – hand-carved and brushed on color.

The Moku Hanja app, Moku the Japanese word for “wood” while Hanja known as “Print”, allows you to create artistic woodworking from any photo or shot – no need to time-consuming carving – the artists from JixiPix do all the work for you! With the ability to fully customize your Moku Hanja, you can create a masterpiece enough to be a part of history typography!

The outlines in Moku Hanja are in a very eye catching, replica of hand chiseled relief art. Using the sliders found on the Adjust tab you can control the smoothness, width and strength of the chiseled outline to suit your configuration.

Presets are also available to give the project a quick start. Choose from a range of bold, bright chisled outlines for subtle color combinations. If the pre-selected colors for your work do not satisfy you, there is an option to change your color palette. Once the desired color is achieved complete your artwork with an artistic feature or paper. In printing the final image does not depend on the choice of paper; If it is kozo fiber or rice paper – this will add artistic quaility to your print and complete your Moku Hanja.

Moku Hanja Features:

+  Automatically create artwork with the look of hand chiseled and brushed outlines in color, fully adjustable with simple sliders.

+ Adjust outline width, strength and how smooth or fluid your etched outline appears.

+ Control the colors in your artwork with saturation, strength and image color sliders.

+ Choose between two printing methods: “Multi-color” or “Multi-Block”.

+ Multicolor style uses all the original colors in your photo. By adjusting the Picture Color slider you can reduce or add colors to your artwork giving it a variety of printed patterns, from a full-color block process to instantly coloring ones.

+ The Multi-Block method uses 5 color blocks pulled from the original image and then splits the colors across your artwork giving a separate woodcarving look for each color. The cool thing about this method is the ability to “randomly colors” throughout your artwork and the ability to replace any or all of these colors, using a full spectrum color picker. You can achieve simple exaggerated color results using this process.

+ Works with hi-res images and saves hi-res to get high-quality results

+ Gets you started quickly with a variety of presets

+ Create your personal favorite custom presets to use the “Save Preset” feature

+ Has addictive JixiPix randomizer – lots of fun!

+ Superior Customer Support and Updates – We are committed to your long-term satisfaction

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

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