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Morpheus TV – HD Movies and TV Shows v1.78 (Mod) Apk

Morpheus is one of the best entertainment apps for Android devices right now.

It brings you high quality HD content from all over the world.
You can watch it all for absolutely free. It has a lot of movies, latest episodes, documentaries, etc.

The best thing about this Morpheus TV app is that it has a huge collection of movies, shows, and series, all available in HD quality. What is more interesting about this app is that it has got subtitles for every single video.


MorpheusTV is a free app without any ads or subscription plans. It searches many free and public websites for streaming links and displays the results in a simple interface that can be navigated with a DPAD remote control without the need for a mouse or keyboard. All movie and TV show metadata are retrieved from Trakt.tv, posters and backgrounds are retrieved from TMDB.
Subtitles for movies and TV shows are provided by third-party websites such as Opensubtitles, LegendasDivx, and TVSubs. All links deleted by the app are publicly available on their website and are hosted by third-party services such as Openload, Streamango, Google, TheVideo, Vidup, Vidoza, etc.

It has some integration with your Trakt.tv account but is limited at the moment to groups and watchlist. It will automatically mark the content as viewed when you watch 90% of it. For TV shows, there is a great “Watch Next” section that shows the next episodes to watch … It uses its own built-in player (Exoplayer with some tweaks) and can also play on Chromecast devices. In the first versions, it used external players such as VLC and MxPlayer but it was soon rejected due to a lack of control over the user interface and HTTP request headers.

The internal player still needs some other features like setting subtitle offset and aspect ratio for the video etc … but I’m very happy at the moment and there are no plans to support external players. There are no plans to support Real-Debrid or any service that offers premium subscription-based services for pirated content.
I’m against those who totally take advantage of the “scene” and 99% of these services do just that. This is also the reason why there are no ads in this app.

Download Management:

Morpheus TV allows you to download sources to watch later. This is a great option if you have slow internet or suffer from a lot of buffering because you can just download the file and watch it later. Before downloading, make sure that there is enough free space on the device. To download, simply long click (or context menu button) on one of the sources, and a movie or episode and a dialog box with the download option will appear. After adding a file to the download queue, you can check its status in the Downloads section of the main menu or click the download icon in the upper right corner of the screen. You can pause, cancel, or prioritize downloads by long-clicking (or context menu) the download and selecting the appropriate action from the dialog that pops up.

Morpheus TV is not intended to be a competitor to any other app as some YouTubers claim. I actually don’t care what other apps have to offer nor care about implementing a feature just because some other apps have them. I made this app for myself and will implement whatever features I find useful.


Morpheus TV integrates with Google Cast and allows you to broadcast your sources and torrents to those devices. After clicking on the cast icon in the upper right corner of the screen and selecting your device, any broadcast will be played on it instead of the internal player. An internal HTTP server is used to help with file service to the device.
Subtitles will always be served by this server and for some videos that refuse live playback (like HLS streams) it will also act as a proxy to solve common problems like CORS, invalid cookies etc … if you plan to mainly use this app for posting , It is recommended to enable main notification in settings. This notification is used to keep front service live and respond to requests from Chromecast while your phone is locked.


You can watch torrent streams directly on Morpheus TV without downloading them beforehand. The torrent files will also be sent to Chromecast devices using an internal HTTP server that streams the file directly to the device. Torrenting is disabled by default and to avoid any legal issues in your country, you should use a VPN service while torrenting. Torrent integration is currently limited to a few providers such as RARBG, YTS.AG, and EZTV. After choosing the torrent source, some metadata which includes the first and last parts of the video file will be downloaded and this process can take a few seconds or minutes depending on the connection speed, the file size, and the amount of peers who are currently sharing the file.


Note: There are no official websites, sub-reddits, or Facebook groups. Beware of websites claiming to be “official” as they are not and you might end up installing an APK loaded with malware.
Aptoide is the only safe place to download the official APK


VERSION 1.67 Rebirth November 23, 2020
-Real-debrid support
-More links overall due to new scraping technology
-Adjust player preference
-Works on 4.0.1+
-Android 11 support

OG Morpheus TV
-Better player overall
-Up next

Many features are still being implemented in later versions(ALOT)
-Local favorites
-Debrid cloud manager


File Upload Center
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