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Music Theory Companion with Piano & Guitar v2.7.1 (Vip Unlocked) APK

Music theory is very important when composing a song. This music theory support application is intended for all musicians who wish to study scales, chords, alternative chords, circle of fifths, voice orientation, modulations or pitch change, etc. and apply them in their compositions. Music Theory Companion is a quick reference for scales and chords useful for musicians and composers to discover new, innovative chord progressions when writing songs. It is also a guitar chord app which is very useful for learning guitar chords.

Please contact us if you have any issues with the app, or if you want to suggest new features or just give us your feedback!


★ Scales and chords → 86 unique heptatonic scales / modes and their formation in diatonic / seventh chords
★ Matching chords → Shows alternative chords that can be played for any note of any scale
★Matching scales → Shows all possible alternative scales that can be played with any scale
★ Circle of Fifths (or Circle of Quarters) → For all scales
★ Cube Dance → Guide to conducting vocals based on Neo-Riemannian theory
★Intervals → Auditory interval training for all keys
★ Chord library → Chord library with over 1000 chords and also shows chord construction
★ Modulations → Different chord progression options to smooth the pitch change

★Scale practice → Pitch detector to practice all scales with guitar, piano or vocals
★ Metronome → With perfect timing and different configurable sounds
★ Piano → A very realistic piano keyboard with different instrument sounds
★Symbols → Handy quick online reference for musical symbols
★ Reference → Huge collection of online music theory reference
★ Realistic left and right handed guitar fingerboard
★Supports high (#) and flat (b) notes for the root
Supports clockwise and counterclockwise directions for circle of fifths
★ Option to display both triads and 7th chords in circle of fifths
★ Play guitar or piano chords in sync with the metronome ticks


This app can be used for the following purposes:

Music composition → This application can be used by music composers. It can help find basic and advanced chords that can be applied at any scale or mode.
★ Music Theory Study → This music theory app can be used to study scales and chords for almost all heptatonic scales and modes available. This app contains many articles on music theories and can be used as a free music theory book.
★ Circle of Fifths → The Circle of Fifths for all scales and modes with triad and seventh chords. It is the most used musical tool.
★Chord Finder → All possible chords for all available scales and modes can be found.
★ Chord progressions → Using the Circle of Fifths tool, chord progressions can be derived for the available scales and modes.

★ Modulation or key change → Different key change options can be found using the Modulations tool.
★Voice Leading → Using the Cube Dance tool, different Voice Leading options can be tried out.
★ Guitar chords / Piano chords → All available chords are displayed in the fretboard and piano keyboard.
★ A voice training app for vocal training of singers using Scale Practice tool.
★Auditory training of musicians using the Intervals tool. Ear tuning is as important as learning scales or chords.
★ Scales and chords → A large list of scales for guitar, piano and vocals is available in this application.
Metronome beats for guitar, drums, piano, vocal practices. The metronome in this app is very precise to maintain timing.

This is a piano chord learning app and piano chord finder tool to help you learn scales, learn music theory and guitar chords. It also has a metronome tool which eliminates the need for any other metronome app for your practice.


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