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Music Zen – Relaxing Sounds v4.1.004 (Premium) Apk

Welcome to Music Zen, your personalized guru for all that soothes. Get ready to release stress with a relaxation app full of professionally designed exercises, games and meditations. Each element is designed to guide you towards a more balanced lifestyle with relaxing sounds, pictures and everything that promotes good health.

This relaxation application offers you its features. She explores with you the negative emotions that you feel and presents you with a series of strategies to obtain real relief. Among others; the fight against insomnia with a deep sleep, the fight against anxiety with breathing exercises as well as with the sounds of nature and the sound of the rain which are tips inspired by Zen; this application provides instant relief.

🧘‍♀️ Meditate

Discover a rich collection of guided meditations, designed, recorded and conducted by professional practitioners. Each of these guided meditations has a predefined goal tailored to your relaxation needs.

🏝 Relax

Explore a wide range of natural sounds and calming sights, calming natural noises and fascinating animations designed to tranquilize. You can get carried away by the white noise or fall under the spell of the sounds of the rain and the sounds of relaxing music. Each of these unique vivid images evokes serenity in an ever-moving and calming style. Think of the app as a visual ASMR with even more relaxing sights and sounds. For this reason, Music Zen also functions as a sleep app, allowing you to indulge in the soothing sounds produced. It should help relieve anxiety and stress, and strengthen balance to prevent insomnia. After all, deep sleep is a good thing, isn’t it?

🌟 play

Dive into a rich collection of calming games designed to inspire peace and relieve stress with smooth play and calming sounds. Each of these calming games accommodates a wide variety of issues with a unique blend of calming sounds, relaxing music, and play to create balance in an instant. To find the right relaxing game that’s right for you, it’s easy to have fun playing it.

Say goodbye to all other health apps and welcome the relaxation app that does it all. Let yourself be carried away by the white noise, the sounds of nature and the relaxation while you get away from your troubles thanks to the wonderful wealth of special features of this soothing app.

“It’s time for relaxation.🎉

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