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My Budget Book v9.5 (Paid)

My Budget Book is no ordinary personal account management software. With this application, you can keep an eye on your cash inflows and outflows and thus better manage your funds.

Get an overview of your future income and expenses with simple ledger entries and standing orders, and always know how much money will be available to you. You also have a graphical representation of it. This way, you can better plan your expenses for the coming months.

Budget mode allows you to set a goal for various time periods and criteria. For example, create a monthly limit for gasoline or a weekly limit for purchases etc. You can also choose limits for accounts like credit cards or set payment limit types. In addition, you can determine whether the recurring budget should be transferred to the next period.

Main features:

– Available offline. For security reasons, the application does not have Internet access.
– No advertising or hidden in-app purchases (Apart from voluntary donation).
– Configurable Design Material Layout.
– Carry over your balance to the next month.
– See in the statistics in tabular form or graphically where you are financially by classifying your money inflows and outflows.
– Manage more than one account: record your cash inflows and outflows from all your accounts.
– Establish other main categories and sub-categories to get a better overview of your current charges.
– Manage more optional lists of payment type, groups or people.
– Group statistics and graphs by category, account, and if enabled in settings, by groups, people or payment types.
– Add photos to your transactions (for example: receipts).

– Use reminders to remind you of pending payments.
– Define your start of the month so that you can work more flexibly.
– Reconcile your expenses with your bank statement.
– Create templates to capture your expenses even faster.
– Filter your money inflows and outflows by months, quarters or whole years.
– Protect your data by creating a security password.
– Export your data in HTML, Excel or CSV format.
– Create secure backups of your data.
– 4 Widgets.
– Available in 11 languages.

My Budget Book is easy to use and evolves based on user preferences.

In case of problem with the program or if you still have suggestions, just send an e-mail to: onetwoapps@gmail.com


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