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nanoloop v3.9.5 (Paid) Apk

Nanoloop is a complete sequencer / synthesizer / sampler package, optimized for mobile use. It works smoothly on a wide range of phones and tablets, including older and lower-end devices.

The interface adapts to all screen resolution and can be customized with adjustable font / icon size and white / black color schemes.

– Easy to use sequencer, suitable for rhythm and melody
– Automation of all parameters
– 8 channels, each can be synth or sampler
– 8 models per channel
– Load samples from SD card
– Extracted via the microphone
– compensating samples
– Re-sample
– Polyphonic FM-, PWM- and synth noise
– Song editor with loop function
– Send and receive projects by e-mail
– Compatible with iOS version
– WAV and Ogg Vorbis export
– Sharing and audio projects to Dropbox and SoundCloud is possible when these apps are installed.

The interface has been simplified and in most cases, a long press on an icon reveals info and / or a menu.

The Synth

Nanoloop’s FM Synth offers maximum flexibility within a small set of parameters. It comes with a stereo modulator detuning effect and covers the typical clean bells and Rhodes-like sounds, spherical blocks, thick beats and basses, and all kinds of exotic sounds and noises.

The sequencer

The stepsequencer visualizes the rhythmic structure in a compact 4×4 square matrix, which makes it very easy to lay patterns.

The Sampler

Besides the A / D envelope, loop and offset send function, the clean sampler comes with no effects. You can record up to 6 seconds via microphone samples or SD card load (WAV with 8, 22, 44 or 48 KHz).

Note: Nanoloop does not need an internet connection. It does perform a license check though during the first 10 minutes via internet when running for the first time. Once the verification is successful, the result is stored locally permanently and you can work offline.

What’s New?

Load files from SD-card: Select parent folder with “..” until on top, where two folders are shown: Internal memory is named “emulated”, SD-cards are not named “SD-card” but typically have cryptic names like “7C16-18FD”.

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