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Navigation Gestures – Swipe Gesture Controls! v1.21.10 (Premium) Apk


Are you jealous of the new gesture navigation features of the new phones?
With navigation gestures, you don’t have to buy a new phone or wait for the next Android update to get gesture controls. Navigation Gestures brings swipe gestures to any Android device! Replace navigation bar buttons and get gesture controls with navigation gestures!

Better yet, navigation gestures can completely hide the stock navigation bar.
rootless! This is the first gesture control app with this feature.

Slide your finger left, right, up or down. Swipe up and hold. Tap. Type twice. Long press. Go crazy and divide the pill in 3! There are many ways to use the gesture bar to control your phone. Don’t like what the gesture pill looks like? Personalize!

Here’s all you can do:



– One click
– Double tap
– Press and hold (long press)

– Drag and hold
– Swipe left
– Swipe left and hold
-a Swipe right
– Swipe right and hold
– Swipe up
-a Swipe down
Fractionated pill

– Swipe up from the left
– Swipe up and hold left
-a Swipe up from the center
– Swipe up and hold from the center
– Swipe up from the right
-a Swipe up and hold right



– Home
– Back
– Recent apps
– Toggle split screen (Android Nougat +)
– Open the previous application (Android Nougat +)
– Open the assistant
– Hide the pill
– Toggle navigation bar

– Pull down notifications
– Pull down quick settings
– Open the power menu
– Go to the previous media track
– Go to the next media track
– Play / pause current media track
– Show keyboard switching dialog
– Launch the application
– Lock screen
– Take a screenshot
– Kill all background apps
– Screen rotation
– Toggle flashlight
– Toggle Bluetooth
-And Toggle WiFi
– Activate battery saver
– Toggle screen timeout
– Open the volume panel
– Launch activity
– Launch the shortcut
– Tasker trigger event
– Send the intention
– Toggle automatic brightness
– Lower brightness
– Increase brightness
– Open the app drawer
– Lower volume
– Turn up the volume
– Cyclic ringing mode
– Toggle mute media volume
– Kill all background apps

– Hold back
– Go forward
– Open menu
– Kill the current app
– Accessibility button (Android Oreo +)
– Choose the accessibility button (Android Oreo +)
– Send the key code
– Send an access code with a long press
-And Send the code from the keypad with double pressure

Appearance (everything is free)

– Customize the color of the pill
– Customize the transparency of the pills
-And Customize the color of the pill border
– Customize the corner radius of the pill
– Customize the pill width / height
-And Customize the X / Y position of the pill

Behavior (everything is free)

– Blacklist pill / show NavBar in selected apps
– Customize the sensitivity
– Customize the duration of the vibrations
-And Customize the duration of the animation
– Automatically hide the pill after a delay
– Much more


ADB configuration: https://www.xda-developers.com/install-adb-windows-macos-linux/

– If your system’s navigation bar continues to hide, run this ADB command:

adb shell settings remove global policy_control

Or, click on “PROBLEMS?” on the main screen and select the option that describes this problem.

– If you uninstalled the application without disabling “Hide navigation bar”, run this ADB command:

adb wm shell overscan reset

– If your lock screen icons are off, go to Settings >> Behavior >> Blacklist and enable Do not hide NavBar on lock screen

Please visit this page for more details on the latest version and to find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Check the official XDA Forum thread for comments.

Please visit the GitHub page to report any issues you encounter.

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