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Network Tools: WiFi Analyzer, IP Utilities v1.2 (Pro) APK

Network Tools: WiFi Analyzer, the IP Utilities application is a combination of tools to help you understand your network configuration, WiFi states, potential problems, network availability and its performance.

– IPInfo: Network summary, type of wireless network, status, name and IP address
– Ping – TCP and HTTP ping, indicates the time it takes for packets to reach the host.
– Traceroute – learn about all the intermediate hops that packets pass on their way to their destination.
– Port Scanner – TCP Port Scanner, you can know which ports are open on the host.
– Whois lookup – view DNS records for a given domain / hostname
– Wi-Fi scanner – available wifi connections, WiFi band, signal strength, security and SSID
– DNS lookup – reverse lookup and just type in a numeric address
– IP Calculator – subnet / IP address calculator to configure routers and addresses on IP networks
– The WiFi signal meter can see your current WiFi signal strength and detect the WiFi signal strength around you in real time.

Very useful functions of network tools: WiFi Analyzer, IP Utilities application:

– Ultimate tool for network analysis, wifi scanning and problem detection
– Network summary: wireless network type, status, name and IP address
– Complete information about your network, find out the internal or external IP
– Ping scanner: statistics on the average response time of the host
– Port check: searches for open ports and available services
– WiFi analyzer: detailed information on wifi networks and connected devices
– Identify nearby WiFi access points and channel signal strength
– Configure your WiFi router settings configuration page, on the router configuration page

* WiFi Analyzer offers very useful functions for WiFi analysis such as access points, channel evaluation, channel graph, WiFi strength and recommend the best WiFi channels available.
– Support for 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz and WiFi channel optimizer
– Provides you with information individually about wifi channels
– WiFi Analyzer tool shows signal strength in historical graph

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