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NoBlueTick Pro: No Last Read v3.4.31-pro (Paid) Apk

Are you a person who just reads the notifications messages to prevent others from knowing that you are reading their messages?
If you don’t want others to know you’re reading their posts, NoBlueTick is for you!

Finally! No more read receipts, no ticks, no double blue ticks or seen for the last time!

When you receive a message from a chat app, it will also be displayed in NoBlueTick. There you can read it whenever you want, without any of your friends knowing you’ve seen it.
All deleted messages from WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, etc. are saved in NoBlueTick, allowing you to secretly get important messages.
No more removing the internet connection or turning on airplane mode. NoBlueTick offers a simple but beautiful design and makes it easy to manage your messages.
NoBlueTick does not access any encrypted files. All data is stored securely on your device.

NoBlueTick also has chat heads which will show you unread messages in a small bubble on the screen.
This is very useful as it gives you the ability to read messages without having to stop your current tasks.
Just tap the bubble to open the message on NoBlueTick or drag it to the bottom of the screen to delete it.


– Hide blue double check mark for WhatsApp, no last seen for Facebook Messenger, no last read for Viber
– Read chat messages invisible and incognito, unbeknownst to your friends
– All your favorite cats in one place, where you can sort them finely by app
– Chat heads for quick overview of messages
– Enable or disable NoBlueTick for different chat apps like WhatsApp, Viber or Messenger, and be invisible for selected chats only


NoBlueTick is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp or Viber.
All trademarks displayed on these applications are the property of their respective owners.

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