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Nothing Adaptive Icons v1.7 (Mod)

◉ Patched

Nothing Adaptive Icons Pack beautiful responsive icon pack (change shape). Harmony with the iconic red, white and black, no colors. It perfectly matches the light and dark wallpaper.

Nothing Adaptive Icons FEATURES:
• More than 2600 premium adaptive icons
• Cloud based wallpapers
•Icon request tool
• Regular updates

How to use this icon pack?
• Install a compatible launcher
• Open Nothing Adaptive Icons, go to Apply section and select Launcher to apply. If your launcher is not in a list, make sure to apply it from your launcher settings

How do I switch to light/dark mode?
After changing the device theme to light/dark, you need to reapply the icon pack (or apply another icon pack and then this one immediately).

• nothing launcher
• Nova Launcher
• Lawn Chair Launcher v2
• Niagara Pitcher
• Smart Launcher 5
• Rootless Pixel Launcher
• Shadow caster
• Lean Launcher
• Hyperion Launcher
• Poseidon Launcher
• Action Launcher
• Staro Launcher
• Ruthless Launcher

Colors change automatically only with:
• Lawnchair 12.1 latest development version
• Beta Hyperion
•Niagara Pitcher
• Staro Launcher

• Dark mode only works on Android 10 and above devices!
• You must reapply the icon pack to switch to light/dark mode. Except Lawnchair 12.1 latest version Dev Hyperion Beta Niagara or Stario Launcher
•If you can’t change the icon shape, you NEED a custom launcher that can.
• A compatible launcher is required to use this icon pack!
• In Pixel Launcher (Standard launcher on Pixel devices) works with Shortcut Maker app.
•In Stock One UI Launcher use Theme Park.
• FAQ section within the app that answers many questions you may have. Please read it before emailing your question.

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