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Do It Now – RPG To Do List & Habit Tracker v2.39.2 (Premium) (Mod) Apk

Do It Now is a fantastic to-do list that lets you add game items to your daily chores, add reminders, and organize your life by adding skills, attributes, and leveling up.

Make your work fun, so you can do it while having fun (gtd)

With our Productivity Planner, you’ll get a virtual copy of yourself, along with the ability to track your skills, characteristics, and stats. Each task created can be linked to these skills and characteristics. Thus, when these tasks are performed in real life, your virtual hero will gain better characteristics and skills, as well as additional experience (XP).

Personal development

Track your personal development in different areas with customizable features. Increase your productivity by creating a flexible system with skills. Make your to-do list fun and improve your life as well as your virtual RPG character. His skills and abilities will evolve with yours. Make it more powerful and become more productive.

Convenient calendar

Get an overview of your projects over months, weeks or use a calendar. Find the best time to plan your tasks with the calendar. Stay as productive as possible with this time manager!

Stylish reminders

Our checklist app can remind you of your important tasks with notifications. Add up to 5 notifications per task.

Productivity organization

Organize your tasks in groups (folders) like in trello, task rabbit, ticktick, do everything to separate them into different categories. Keep everything organized and know what to do on your list.

Synchronize your different devices

Your tasks sync to the cloud or Dropbox so you can manage them from anywhere. You can also save all your progress as a file on your device.

Flexible task configuration

The task management system allows adding really flexible and customizable tasks. You can: define custom intervals of repeats (Every day / Every 3 days / On specific days of the week, month or year), infinite repetitions, cut-off dates and times, and much more.


Take stock of your progress using sophisticated graphics. Use characteristic and skill charts to reveal your strengths and weaknesses. Customize your dashboard to display daily success charts with tasks, gold, and experience.


Generate useful habits. Each long-term task can be easily transformed into a habit, only activate “Generate habit” in the task edit menu. Create habits like in an RPG!

Reward system

Get gold coins from your completed tasks, and buy your personalized rewards. Ex .: Create the “Watch a movie” reward for 100 gold coins, buy this reward, and watch a movie in real life, to reward yourself for working so hard!


Increase your motivation through success. In addition to the Basic Achievements, you can create your own Achievements.


Change the look of the app with custom themes.


Easily access your tasks and stats by adding a checklist widget to your home screen.

Develop your virtual self to progress and improve yourself in real life.

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