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OBTelegram v1.90 Omar-Annabi (Modded) APK

◉ Omar-Annabi Modded Telegram

The most famous features of Telegram Plus Omar Telegram Plus

Ability to save received files with the original file name and display the name of the sender.
Ability to hide your mobile number from settings.
The possibility of installing Telegram Plus Omar alongside the original version of Telegram.
Ability to search among group users.
Classification of conversations by genre in Telegram Plus Omar.
It has more than 2,000 beautiful and varied themes and themes.
Use phone emojis.
High ability to customize.
Operate two numbers on Telegram Plus Omar
Thanks to the Telegram Plus Omar application, you can run more than 10 numbers on the Telegram plus program, and therefore there will be no problem. In addition, you can install the Telegram Plus Omar program next to the official Telegram application and nothing will happen. You can run Telegram Plus Omar on the computer on the Multiple systems such as Android, Linux, Windows and iPhone via an emulator.
Download Omar’s Telegram

Features of Telegram Plus 2021

– View group management in the profile.
– Change live chat background when chatting.
– The ability to add new members directly when chatting.
– Add a variety of different themes and topics.
– High degree of safety and mentality when using.
– The ability to hide your number.
– Use phone lines and add new lines.
– Use phone emojis.
– Hide application menu.
– Added night mode.
– Show username instead of phone number in app list.

Is Telegram Plus Omar safe?

Telegram Plus Omar is one of the most famous messaging programs in the world today and the reason for the spread of Telegram Plus Omar is due to its safety and high speed in sending messages in addition to this version and Telegram Plus uses Telegram servers for sure, and due to the popularity of Telegram, Telegram Plus Omar was developed by a developer WhatsApp Omar also carries features that are not present in the official version.

Telegram Plus has a lot of great features, such as adding an option to change data storage to an external memory, as well as re-enable translation by Google. With an unlimited number of contacts thanks to this feature in Telegram Plus Omar, in addition to unlimited video calls and voice chats, and in the latest update, the problem of deleting messages was fixed, improved and some problems were fixed.

Telegram Plus features added in the latest version

– When viewing an image click on the floating button to access the tools needed to edit it.
– Ability to view statistics and returns for posts in your channels.
– The ability to send multiple music in the form of a playlist.
– Ability to view pinned messages on a separate page.
– Ability to pin multiple messages on each chat page.
– Performance improvements and bug fixes have been added.

What’s new in Telegram Gold version V1.15

🔹 New reaction animation, put your finger on the reaction to enjoy the full animation.
🔹 Add an option to add a Telegram / Plus folder when using the Save to… option.
🔹 Add an option to change the action when the message is swiped to the left. Long press on the option to select a different action for your private messages.
🔹 Add an option to hide the reactions from the context menu.
🔹 Add option to select action double tap on message long press option to select different action for your private messages.
🔹 Added option to always show spoilers.
🔹 Add an option to disable the reaction movement.
🔺 Fixed the crash problem when entering channel comments
🔺 Bug fixes and other minor improvements.

What’s new

🟡 The source code has been updated to v9.4.9.0.
✅ A special Telegram OB theme application has been developed in which all the themes are present
✅ Added an option to log in using QR Code, scan the code with another device (settings -> devices -> Connect device).
✅ Added an option to hide the copy button in voice messages.
✅ Added an option to show the user status circle on the chat screen only in case of internet connection.
✅ Added an option to show the user’s status circle on the main screen only in case of internet connection.
✅ Added an option to improve the quality of the audio recording.
✅ Added an option to analyze links in the format [text] (link).
✅ Added an option to open the archive in the drop-down.
✅ Added an option to disable hiding the topic when scrolling.
✅ Added an option to show / hide identity in the profile.
✅ Added an option to add date and time to forwarded messages.
✅ New feature: open the search settings using the link
✅ New feature: open the OB settings search using the link
❤ Other fixes.

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