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OBWhatsApp Omar V59 (Latest Version)

◉ WhatsApp Modded

What is WhatsApp Omar Annabi?

To put it simply, everyone knows the famous original green WhatsApp, which is used by more than 90% of people in the world, specifically more than five billion people, enjoying the preference in the field of instant messaging and the undisputed strongest for many applications in the same field.

If what is the relationship of the original green WhatsApp with WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi aq whatsapp, its relationship is that WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi is derived from the original green version of the company, but with better features and much more than what you imagine, especially in matters related to privacy, and you cannot find it available in the original Green WhatsApp version. .

Who is the WhatsApp developer Annabi Omar?

WhatsApp developer Omar Al-Annabi OBWhatsApp is the developer Omar Badeeb Al-Shab who has the ability to program and rewrite application codes. He has released more than 8 modified WhatsApp versions that include different names such as WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi, WhatsApp Omar Al-Azraq, WhatsApp Omar Al-Wardi, in addition to other modified programs and applications, He is the one who developed it, launched it, ready to use – he joined, he is a talented young man who strives to help others in the field in which he excels.

Is WhatsApp Omar Annabi safe?

I am assured to say and confirm that it is the most secure copy, not only from WhatsApp versions, but from all modified WhatsApp versions, can you believe that, when I started downloading WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi and using it months after its launch, i.e. from about 2014, and I did not see any defect or that it has already been The interface was a problem while using it, in addition to the fact that the application was checked for viruses and malware, so we found out that WhatsApp is against hackers and hackers.

Download Blue Age WhatsApp 2021

The most important privacy features in Omar Al Annabi WhatsApp OBWhatsApp

Hide last seen

One of the most important unique features that WhatsApp Plus has, the Annabi, where you can hide your last appearance on WhatsApp, and no one will be able to see the date and time of the last time you opened WhatsApp, it is worth noting that even in the original version of the green WhatsApp you will find this feature, but what distinguishes it In WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi, you will not refrain from watching the last appearance of others, unlike the original WhatsApp.

Hide the blue checkmark in Watts Omar

The blue check mark is a double sign of the validation sign indicating that you have read the message, meaning that you tell the sender that the other party, who is the recipient, has opened and viewed the message, by downloading WhatsApp Age 2021, viewing the message without the sender knowing that you have seen the message, by preventing the sign appearing The blue check is at the sender.

Prevent deleting messages

The feature of deleting messages from both sides available on WhatsApp the original Golden Penguin enables you to delete messages after the message for a period not exceeding seven minutes, but via WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi you can activate the feature to prevent deleting messages, meaning that while someone sent you a message and wanted to delete the message and retrieve it, he will not be able Even if the message actually did not exceed the deadline specified for deleting the message from both parties.

Hide View Status

With this awesome feature, you can see the statuses of your friends and contacts that you have in the phonebook without them knowing that you have seen them.

Hide writing

If you are in a chat with someone, when writing a message it appears to the other party that you are writing something, and the text appears at the top of the bar in the conversation, for example as follows: “Writing in progress.” If you are in a conversation and want the message to appear suddenly without the other party seeing that you are writing, you can do so via WhatsApp Annabi privacy option Hide writing.

Hide recording sound

The same applies to this option, as in the previous paragraph, you can hide a voice being recorded.

Ability to send any file, format or extension

This beautiful feature is really one of the great features that I have in WhatsApp, the latest anti-ban version, because this unique feature allows you to send any file in any format without any exception,

Zip or rar file, or even apk program, computer program, Word document, or pdf any file in any format that you can send via WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi with high accuracy and of any size.

We finished mentioning and presenting to you the most important privacy features that you can get when you download WhatsApp Omar Al Annabi 2021 OBWhatsapp Omar Baheeb Al Annabi 2020, which has a lot of beautiful and unique options and additions that will really change your outlook on WhatsApp, for example, the WhatsApp Omar update is currently against the ban from lighter and faster Copy WhatsApp Plus and it is the first version to add the option to use vpn or a proxy breaker.

Features of WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi 

– Add an option to send group messages for groups.

– Adding the option to separate groups / private conversations, such as Telegram.

– Adding a new shape to the floating button with the ability to hide and show the button from Omar additions and then the chat screen.

– Add an option to change the notification color of whoever has seen your status and profile picture.

– New format, adding a lower bar for conversations at the bottom of the main screen [the main screen, then the upper bar].

– Adding a new fingerprint interface.

– Add an option to see all deleted messages.

– Fix the problem of downloading media such as photos and videos in the 10 versions.

– Adding the night mode completely for WhatsApp.

– Add, change, and download the emoji type.

– Improving the @Mensen option to see who mentioned you in groups.

– Improving the appearance of the Status Download button and the Status View button.

– Improved notification options such as changing the color of whoever is online now and who has changed the profile picture.

– Run animated stickers.

– Add an option to use phone emojis.

– Modifications to the interface and menus of Omar add-ons.

– Improving copy performance and speed.

– Improving Hide Quick Chats option. You can activate it from Omar add-ons and then the chat screen.

What’s new in version V59

➕ [Add] Changing the shape of the message box for an unregistered number
➕ [Add] An option to change the font of your choice from the phone files directly
➕ [Add] Option to hide ✂️ Video hash on status page
➕ [Add] Now the mod has become a daily automatic backup through the mod
➕ [Add] New media section
➕ [Add] The feature of sending images in high resolution
➕ [Add] The feature of playing videos with an external player
➕ [Add] Unlimited photo and document sharing feature
✅ [Activate] the option to turn on the proxy for countries that are prohibited from using WhatsApp from Settings > Storage and Data > Proxy Settings
✅ [Enable] the option to keep messages when the invisibility mode is active (by long pressing on the message to be saved)
🍴 [Fix] The problem that you saw the status when you did a privacy reset
🍴 [Fix] The problem of the notification of those who viewed your status appearing, and the personal picture changes numbers instead of the name
🍴 [Fix] Auto-reply crash when converting messages
🍴 [Fix] WhatsApp fingerprint lock issue
🍴 [Fix] Too many custom text status icons
⭐ [More] Enjoy and discover what’s new for yourself!
⭐ [More] Other fixes and improvements
❤ And many more features and improvements!


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