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Password Safe and Manager v8.0.0 build 800003 (Pro)

✪ Pro Features Unlocked

Password Safe is a useful tool designed to alleviate the burden of remembering multiple passwords for various purposes. It categorizes passwords efficiently, making them easily accessible for administrative and support tasks that necessitate backups.

Features of Password Safe:

  1. Convenient Language Selection: In the latest version of Password Safe, users can enjoy language customization, enabling them to switch languages within the application based on their preferences. This facilitates quick access to features and information, enhancing usability.
  2. Effortless Password Storage: Password Safe simplifies the process of storing passwords for different purposes. Users only need to remember one master password to access all stored passwords, thus aiding in password organization and management.
  3. Efficient Password Entry and Management: The application streamlines password entry and management, allowing users to input required information swiftly. Passwords are categorized, making it easy to search for specific entries and ensuring users never forget their saved passwords.
  4. Password Strength Evaluation: Password Safe offers insights into the strengths and weaknesses of passwords, empowering users to create more complex and secure passwords based on personalized factors. The Pro version enhances security with additional options like fingerprint or facial recognition for access.
  5. Password Protection: Users are reminded not to connect to the internet while using password saver apps to ensure security. Passwords can be exported as CSV files for manual backups and transferred to cloud platforms, facilitating easy retrieval when changing platforms.
  6. Main Screen Password Entry: The application supports widgets for convenient password entry directly from the main screen. The Pro version offers additional features such as comprehensive password information display.

Benefits of Using Password Safe:

  • Simplified management of important passwords within categorized sections.
  • Easy password entry through information-rich widgets on the main screen.
  • Manual backups ensure data security since the application operates offline.
  • Upgrading to the Pro version unlocks additional features like enhanced password information display and more biometric authentication options.
  • The latest versions feature language customization for improved accessibility.

Password Safe offers a secure and efficient solution for managing passwords, catering to users’ diverse needs with its array of features and functionalities.


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