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Photo Vault PRIVARY v3.2.2.1 (Mod) APK

◉ Premium Features Unlocked

Real privacy for your smartphone or tablet.

With Privary Apk your private files, photos and videos are protected and hidden – with AES CTR encryption. Visible to you, invisible to everyone else.
Maximum protection for your private files, photos and videos.

Hide files and remove photos from the public gallery.

So you are in control of what you want to show each person. Whether it is the colleague, your husband (wife) or the family. With Privary your data is hidden and encrypted at all times. No trick can unlock them.

Total protection through encryption

Privary uses AES CTR 256-bit encryption for maximum data protection. It doesn’t matter if you are hiding data in PDF, Word, Excel, Jpg, Mp4 or AutoCAD.
This encryption is also used by banks to protect customer data.

Privary is the strongest mobile application to securely store and hide private files, images and videos:

* Simple access by password or fingerprint
* Compatible with cell phones and tablets
*Create as many folders as you want
* Import files, photos and videos
* The application is not visible in the user’s application list
*All data keep their original quality


If desired, Privary backs up your data to your private Google Drive ™. Naturally encrypted. You are thus protected against theft and loss of data.

Invisibility mode

Make Privary invisible so that no one knows, that you have a private data safe.

Fake² safe

With the fake safe you are even protected if someone forces you to open your safe. Privary opens in such a case, another safe than the real one.

SD card²

Full support for SD cards by Privary.

Help & support

Of course you benefit from professional support: support@privary.me

Questions answers

How does Privary secure my data?
Answer: All files, photos and videos disappear from the public gallery and are encrypted with AES CTR. In addition Privary obfuscates to ensure professional data protection.


Is it possible to unlock files, photos or videos?
Answer: Yes. You can unlock imported data at any time.


Is the application comparable to a gallery block?
Answer: No. Privary is a data safe with encryption and cannot be compared to a simple blocking app.


What file formats are supported?
Answer: All formats without restriction.


What video formats are supported?
Answer: All formats without restriction no matter if mp4, avi, divx or even mkv.


What if I forgot my password?

Answer: Open the settings in your Privary vault to enable encrypted password recovery.

✓ Application permissions

* Network: license verification & private private cloud (optional, not activated as standard)
*Phone: open Privary when invisibility mode is activated
* Contacts: for the Privary cloud to use your personal contacts stored in your Google Drive (optional, not activated as standard)

✓ Data protection

Privary attaches great importance to data protection so that you can protect your files, photos and videos with a password. Privary does not collect any data from your device in principle. To find out more go to http: //fourchars.com/de/privary-privacy/

² is part of the Premium Edition.—–

We thank Christine Poloni for the translation of Privary. More information on www.uebersetzmich.de

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