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Piano Ear Training Pro v198 Tokyo Ghoul (Patched) Apk

piano ear training pro

🎞������� Suitable for beginners to advanced musicians with all essential ear training exercises at different levels.
🎟 Quickly develop your hearing skills by personalizing your workout focusing on specific chords, intervals, progressions, scales, and more.
🎫 Track progress as you effectively improve in each ear training discipline.
🎠 Simple and intuitive design lets you quickly enjoy ear training and follow help and tutorials to get the most out of the headset.
🛒 Piano configurable to greatly facilitate the connection between visual and auditory skills and musical instruments.
🧶 Most popular and comprehensive hearing training with over a million users.
🖼 Highly recommended by professional musicians and students of top music schools who help design for their own use.


interval training

Be able to determine the intervals between notes in the key skill for playing by ear.
Challenge your expertise by changing the root note or playing the notes together.
This is made easy because it associates an interval with a well-known song.

chord distinction

Can you distinguish a major chord from a minor chord for example?
There are hundreds of chords to differentiate.
You can help yourself understand this by selecting arpeggio mode to make it easier to distinguish chords, and selecting the highlight to visualize the construction of chords.
You can challenge yourself by changing the key of the chord.
Work quickly and steadily through the levels.
Another exercise to help you fully understand music theory and composition.

superior inferior

Given 2 notes, can you identify if the second note is higher or lower than the first note?
Musicians can train their ears to recognize different pitches.
Although this is a beginner’s exercise, you can challenge yourself by reducing the scale of the 2 notes played.

Pitch training

After hearing a pitch, can you accurately play that same pitch on the piano?
This exercise allows you to zoom in on the note using relative pitch skills and record the number of notes needed so that you can identify it correctly. You can easily adjust the difficult by setting a time interval between listening and reading.

Interval comparison

Given 2 intervals, can you determine if the second interval is wider or narrower in distance?

step identification

A popular test that appears in musical grade hearing exams. Given a chord, can you identify a specific note / pitch within it? For example, given a C major chord, can you find the highest note?

melodic dictation

Listen to a melody, then play it on the piano. You can make things easier by adjusting the speed and focusing on a few notes at a time.

chord progression

Can you distinguish an I – IV – V – I progression from an I – V- IV – I? Contains all of the most common chord progressions that you will find in almost all the most popular songs.

piano ear training pro – ear trainer

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New Songs
BTS – Euphoria
Coldplay – God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
Doki Doki – Your Reality
Ludovico Einaudi – Nuvole Bianche
Hawayein – Jab Harry met Sejal
Imagine Dragons – Thunder
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication
Walking Dead Theme

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